The "prison" scene

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User Info: Stink_Nasty

6 years ago#21
Well isn't one of the themes of the new game is that not everything is quite like it seems? What if the world in DMC is corrupt and Demons were running Dante's city? It did say juvenile detention center but maybe who ever was in charge was a demon, but no other human working under that demon knew. Maybe that demon had a human-like appearance? it's a theory, but there other alternatives as to why he got caught besides " HE'S WEAK!"

And if he did get caught because he was weak, I'd be just fine with that. Maybe he didn't have full control of his powers at said time of capture? Maybe he was raised in an orphanage and was made fun of for being absurdly weird for his powers and kids would always blame him for things and he was just raised in a juvenile facility and was actually never caught but raised there. Only later to break out...who knows...
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User Info: kenjiharimaCU

6 years ago#22
The prison scene is the mental institution. He's Subject 64432B. The cops are the ones that captured him seeing their promo images. He's a delinquent in this DmC version with a post apocalyptic world where everything is brutal like the new Donte. Also remember it's a reboot, they've change the original storyline, along with the inconsistent interviews from an alternate universe to a prequel to the original series.

So now here we can see that this is NT's story telling re-in-visioning and direction to DmC to make it look fresh again as a reboot prequel, which to many it looks so horrible and an abomination/disgrace to the Devil May Cry franchise.
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User Info: myghostisdead

6 years ago#23
If the city was ran by demons then would that not be the norm and he would be pretty accepting of it, unless the demons just came into power. I don't like the scenerio because it is just another way of making it a fight against authority. A game slated at angry kids. One game that I thought all the controversy did not much tough was DMC and I really don't want it to go that route where parents, police and schools points fingers at it.

I really don't want to play as slow or weak to fit story. It kind of goes against what hack and slash is, what DMC started and I don't know if it will stand up against other this gen hack and slash titles. If they are trying to get new fans they will just see that ( if that is even the case) look at other games in the same genre and go for the ones that have the fast and strong...unless this is T rated and made easy to get the casual gamer or made into another genre altogether.

User Info: zavius2

6 years ago#24
So now we have people thinking that Donte is just another common street delinquent that needs spanking.

The more I think about this the more I can't understand why there are people who can't see how bad this new dmc is.

User Info: Stink_Nasty

6 years ago#25
Well again the head of the institution could be a demon who knows about Dante's father and decided to cage up Dante young to avoid him getting whipped later on by him. If the world was corrupt and run by demons, why would Dante fit in? Isn't he all about justice and not conforming to begin with?

Again these are just theories, the point is we don't know who captured Dante and for what purpose. you guys are focusing on such minute details at this point, and really there is no way to answer them. you just assume he was caught by some 55 year old police officer who just left Dunkin Donuts or something.

Hack and slash games aren't really known for their story period, but Capcom wants to change that for DMC. The way I see it, it can be awful, or it can be really good.
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