My reboot idea for DMC

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User Info: Grey_Warder

6 years ago#1
I posted a 4 Player reboot of mine a while ago, but since this is totally different, I figured I would start a new thread instead of add to that one.

Anyway, lets look over the facts:

Fact: Old Dante (henceforth known as Dante, as it should be) was cool. He had style, he was a smart alek, Trench Coats are a sure fire way of looking cool, and he had Demon Powers.
Fact: Devil May Cry had an awesome contrast between Dante and his Surroundings; Grim, Dark aesthetic, Smart Alek Jokester of a main character who took (almost) nothing seriously.
Fact: Capcom want's to Westernize the series.
Fact: Fans don't like new Dante.

So, how do we take all these Facts, stir them into a gaint pot, and make a new game that will appeal to western countries, which means: Edgier, Darker,Grittier (to please Capcom and bring in new fans) but still keep the same general style of the first couple of games, and NOT alienate all of us who like Devil May Cry for it's uniqueness.

This is how I would do that:

I would make a completely new character, and the story is set far, FAR away from Dante and where he lives. Now, please don't flame yet, and bear with me; Dante's story is too mucked up as of right now, and he is far too powerful to make a good main character; Devil May Cry 4 has shown us this. In my humble opinion, Dante should become this legendary figure that shows up to destroy things that characters like Nero and this new character can't handle, like Agrosax and Mundus. This allows more freedom in making enemies and stories, since there isn't one giant Power Creep taking the series into the point of Sheer Rediculousness instead of Over the Topness.

As for the feel, I would make the game set solely at night, always really dark. Also, I would make the designs less scarecrowish, and more.... intimidating, and scary. I just want to stress that it would be darker, and the designs look more Demonic, and not so much of "whatever we think looks like it would fit" that was definatley prevalent in DMC4.

As for the Character; I would make the main character a woman; not because of Bayonetta, but because there isn't a female lead as of yet; alternatively, Trish could get her own game instead of all of this, but that's a topic for another thread. Anyway, Beatrice (Not a love interest) is far rougher at the edges than Dante or Nero; she isn't swearing like Nero, but she is incredibly pissed off. Part of it is because she can't control her demonic powers like Dante/Nero can. Mostly, however, is because one of Mundus' Leuitenants forced himself (itself?) on her mother, which is why she has Demonic Powers and a Devil Trigger. Unlike past DMC games, instead of building up a meter, her Stylish meter is her Devil Trigger; when she reaches Atomic, she automatically unleashes her Devil Trigger.

As for her weapon, usually they have swords, yes? Well, Beatrice comits blasphemy by using an Axe, along with an uzi instead of pistols. Her color is white, since Beatrice is usually shown to wear white, and it's a nice contrast between Nero's blue and Dante's red.

Her story would be tracking down and murdering the demon responsible for her "abhuman abilities". She starts out with a costume much like DMC3s, but through the story she starts to cover herself up more. After she kills the Leuitenent, she says to someone else that is central to the story "I'm going away. I've heard about this Devil Hunter in another country (without specifying where), I'm going to find him and have him teach me how to control my powers."

It's not great, I understand, but it would be better than DmC.

Accidently posted this in the xbox 360 forum :*(

User Info: Stink_Nasty

6 years ago#2
I really like the idea, but it sadly would never happen.

I do think it would be cool to reboot the DMC series, not in the way of retelling everything that's happened, but have it take place far into the future, or maybe even past with another protagonist.

I love Dante, but really there are only so many more routes we can go with his story without it being absurd. The only thing I can think of would be to have him be in Hell as a sequel to DMC2, but Capcom shuns that series so that is highly unlikely.

I like your ideas for the Devil Trigger, but I think comboing into it would make the game easier.

also what's wrong with the 360 board? lol
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User Info: Malus_X6

6 years ago#3
Here's my idea for the ending of DmC:

Real Dante finally shows up and confronts Anti-Dante. Dante is NOT happy. Tells the poser to cut the crap. Anti-Dante tries to talk some trash. Dante slowly draws Rebellion.

Cue Chrono Trigger's "Battle with Magus" theme.
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User Info: Grey_Warder

6 years ago#4
Hehe, the reason is that I am getting it for PS3, hence accidently on the 360 board XD

I forgot to mention that Beatrice would act like Dante did in the first one, but slightly angrier, given her backstory.

User Info: CrimsonRipper

6 years ago#5
Or how about we have a game about NERO.

You know... that guy who we played as in 4. The one us fans complained about because we weren't having Dante as the main character or something? Yeah... so we have Nero... and Lady... and Trish...

And they're just tossing them out of the window... seriously if Capcom just wanted a better story or something to make Dante cooler than he already was, then HIRE A WRITER. Not just some monkey who fills in dialogue, but an actual writer.

No need to redesign the character.
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User Info: LuceSpark

6 years ago#6
I still hope Sparda will be more involved. Literally. Whether it be flashback cutscenes or whatever. Not just "ahh son of sparda!" Gotta love it though.

User Info: Yami_light_

6 years ago#7
No offense but I don´t like it, I don´t know, it sounds like....mmmmm a fanfic? like something someone made up in a classroom or something, for me at least. I still think this reboot is a nice idea so I can learn a little more about Dante, I know the art sucks but oh well.
And I really really don`t think is a nice idea to introduce new characters, maybe have someone young in there, like previous old characters, maybe even evil guys but you know, young, that would be weird and a little off but I´m just saying it would be better than bringing new characters, unless of course they introduce them and killed them in the same game XD

User Info: LuceSpark

6 years ago#8
no offense taken, and I agree with your second paragraph though :)

User Info: Yami_light_

6 years ago#9
Luce , oh snap! I was talking to grey lol, but luce, a game with sparda is pretty much wanted by every DMC fan I guess, there doesn´t seem to be a reason not to do it, I mean there is so much ground to cover there.

When I was playing DMC 4 I was like ``he closed a gate here too!!!?´´ how many demons did he seal??? he seems so badass, why don´t kill them is beyond me but if you think about he was pretty much everywhere sealing gates, why so many gates I don´t know, I think the Te-men-ni-gru(not sure if got it right) was the most important but I mean really how many high grade demons like mundus did he seal XD?
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User Info: smithkakarot

6 years ago#10
^Don't forget, Sparda dresses like a pimp.
"Welcome to Oblivion!"-Vegeta
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