Describe what Reboot Dante

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User Info: palpatine_roxx

6 years ago#1
...LOOKS LIKE! (caps)

User Info: Vault_Zero

6 years ago#2

User Info: xenogearz88

6 years ago#3
looks like puke. enuf said.
my rational reaction to any and all of Tameen Antoniade's DmC interviews.........

User Info: chibi_rakun

6 years ago#4
Pulp Fiction reference nice ^_^

Do I get a cookie or something?

For those of you who donít get it:

User Info: noregrets225

6 years ago#5
A man who is fond of the company of other gentlemen.

User Info: neogeno

6 years ago#6
A backed up toilet.
Early to rise and early to bed makes a man healthy but socially dead.

User Info: DementiaSoldier

6 years ago#7

a strung-out teenage heroin addict who is sleep-deprived and thinks hes too cool for anything. < basically a failed attempt at the whole "cool rebel-kid" thing,

User Info: smithkakarot

6 years ago#8
A b****.
"Welcome to Oblivion!"-Vegeta

User Info: BerserkNinja

6 years ago#9
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