I am beginning to get that feeling...

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User Info: boreddoom

6 years ago#11

Famine_10f4 posted...

That no matter what Ninja Theory does everyone and their mother is going to hate on it.


"The graphics blow, they look like ps1... Oh no wonder it's running on the ultra crap machine the Unreal Engine"

"Its a prequel? But there is already a prequel!!! A reboot? Well which one is it a reboot or an origin story?... It couldn't possibly be both that makes no sense at all!"

"Donta is half Angle and Demon? Dumb, stupid, illogical!"

"A scythe? Scythes have to be the lamest of the lame weapons of all time... Wait there is an Axe? No wait that weapon is worse"

"The look is so unoriginal and poorly designed, its dull and just plain boring"

"Combat looks stiff, sluggish, slow, simple, unimpressive"

"Look at that developer!!! What a dumb hair cut"

... Seriously I can go on for another ten pages with all the absurd comments. Now I'm not some white knight that is attempting to cleans this hear board but come on guys, some of you are either over exaggerating making things sound way worse than they actually are or are simply too upset by the changes that nothing can make you happy.

I believe the developers at Ninja Theory are truly absorbed in this series and are not intentionally trying to screw over every DMC fan, what good would come out of that anyways? From what I've seen and heard it seems the developers have been putting in a lot of thought in an attempt at making a great game and it shows.

We still haven't seen that much either mind you.

This is an extreme stereotype. The comments that you're showing are probrably the worst out there.... Especially since a lot of them are very inaccurate. Although if it was made up by you then you just overexaggerated it since it really isn't that bad. We have reasons for hating or liking this game and the reasons make sense.

User Info: Anomylous

6 years ago#12
What you're describing is actually what is known as a "strawman argument." Basically picking out the worst/most extreme points of one side or otherwise exaggerating points and making them easy to pick out and destroy.
It's actually spelled anomalous. But that's why it's anomylous...
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  3. I am beginning to get that feeling...

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