I've been wondering about Vergil

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User Info: lance72

6 years ago#11
Yami_light_ posted...
the problem is not bringing him back, the problem is how to make him a treat, a friend yeah is ok, but if he is the antagonist again, how can he be a treat? the guy has been dormant for some time now, he had potential yeah, but unlike Dante, he didn't kill a lot of demons and trained his skills.

Dante has been killing Demons as a job! how is he going to keep up? some mumbo jumbo stuff?

Because he is Vergil, a son of sparda, who are usually capable of miracle power.
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User Info: SinisterSamurai

6 years ago#12
Vergil was absorbed by that prototype Oni Gauntlet Nero was wearing. People are going to have to come to terms with that some day.
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User Info: MyMentorSnake

6 years ago#13
I remember reading that in the unreleased DMC4 short story or novel whatever.
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User Info: Anomylous

6 years ago#14
Vergil is in Nero's arm? Hmm................*starts to imagine*

*Nero convulses and grabs his arm*

Nero: It's been a long time, BROTHER. *british accent*

Dante: Who are you?!

Nero: You know who I am.

Dante: Liqui-er...Vergil!?

Nero: Not so young anymore, eh Dante? Or maybe you are...but you're drowning in time...(in a small voice) according to a certain developer. I know what it's like, brother.

Dante: ...no you don't.

Nero: (Ignores Dante) No wonder Capcom passed you up for the new Dante.

*Nero's arm starts twitching*

Nero: ARRRR! Out! Get out of my mind, LIQUID- er, damnit- VERGIL!

*stops convulsing*

Nero: The price of gaming prodigy... few more years and you'll be another dead face of the old Capcom. Our raw characters are vintage, brother! Capcom was in its last stages when they created DMC copies. But I -- I live on, through this arm!

Dante: Liqui...Vergil's...****! I mean, Nero's arm!?

Vergil: You don't have what it takes, after all! You're going down, Dante, down with this franchise!

*A tear rolls down Dante's face as he hangs his head*

Lady: Are you crying?

Dante: It's only the rain.

Lady: The rain already stopped.

Dante: Devils never cry. And it wasn't even raining anyways.

Lady: I see. Maybe somewhere out there even a devil may cry when he loses everything to a company that throws a franchise into a wishing fountain in the hopes it turns to solid gold on trees. Don't you think?

Dante: Maybe. No, definitely.

Lady: By the way... looks like we're gonna be twiddling our thumbs for awhile.

Dante: So, uh...I hate this... this isn't what's supposed to happen. Let's get some pizza.

Lady: No pizza shops around, remember Temen-ni-gru's appearance destroyed the city for a 100 block radius?

Dante: Oh yeah. I'm skipping the DMC1 attitude and jumping straight to my untalkative, cynical coin flipping DMC2 self.

Lady: What?

Dante: *flips coin* Tails.
It's actually spelled anomalous. But that's why it's anomylous...

User Info: Ichidaime

6 years ago#15
The fact is, Vergil is a very big selling tool for a DMC game. To include him in this new DmC game could either be the final nail in the coffin or their salvation (I doubt it though).
He's too awesome a character to not be in the next DMC and if their doing a rebirth of the story, to not include Vergil is basically writing him out of the story which would be suicide for the game.
So either way, Vergil = awesome
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User Info: X13bloodwolf

6 years ago#16
Vergil is present in dmc4. As nelo angelo and as the devil trigger of nero. It makes some sense. His soul is inside his sword. The sword is picked up by a human part devil. Or vergil's son if you read the book. Now vergil is a part of nero.

User Info: trueOgre_Killer

6 years ago#17
TMW001 posted...
*spoilers* if you haven't played and beaten all DMC 1 and 3

We all know what becomes his fate at the end of DMC3 and in DMC1 which is after DMC3 we find out he was Nelo Angelo and beaten by Dante several times during DMC1. Will Capcom ever shed some light on what happen to the guy after that did he die or was he set free thanks to his brother?

He was already dead as of DMC1. Nelo Angelo was a shell that contained his soul.
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User Info: Fleishhacher

6 years ago#18
Im starting to think Vergil is that girl escorting daNTe, similar to how in Dante's inferno he is escorted through hell by Virgil?
Maybe she is called Virginia!
- Edge
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