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User Info: Blackzero123

5 years ago#1
a Devil May Cry game that isn't base around Dante but the son/daughter of Dante. Basically a rebirth to franchise but keeping the spirit of DMC intact. Would this be better than this DmC?

User Info: Malus_X6

5 years ago#2
I think that was Kamiya's original premise for any sequels he'd make.
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User Info: Yami_light_

5 years ago#3
probably but it wouldn't be the same thing obviously , I mean how can we know if kamiya's original idea was going to be well received? , what if the next characters were annoying or something
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User Info: Dark_Alexander

5 years ago#4
I'd definitely give it a shot. Though I hope they'd still answer the Nero situation at least. My vote would be for daughter.
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User Info: myghostisdead

5 years ago#5
Way back in the day, when I finished DMC1 that was what I absolutely expected. But, I have to say, I really liked Dante and wanted to see more of him...and still do. As far as "Son of" games, books, etc. they never seem to have the oomph as the father. Yeah, I guess you could say then isn't Dante the son of Sparda and didn't you like him? Yeah, but we started with Dante as the main character and it revolved around him.

Edit: Sorry, I was watching TV and not paying attention to answering the entire question. Would I welcome it more? Yes but many things depend upon that. I would want the game to keep the canon of DMC and Dante intact. I would want the game to be made internally on the MT engine running at 60fps...unless they decided to let P* give it a try. I think that much of a shake it up would be interesting to see where it would go.

User Info: Shinra-Army

5 years ago#6
Yes and yes.

As a matter of fact, if Kamiya had said something along the lines of ''Bayonetta would be Dante's daughter if I had the rights to DMC'' I'd be overjoyed.
streetfighter76 posted...
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User Info: chaotix247

5 years ago#7
Daughter and in her journey she mets Cereza and the universe explodes.
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User Info: ABadNuffDude

5 years ago#8
Skip to about 0:30...
Foreshadowing his planned sequels much?
Kinda funny how this line never stuck out much in my mind till I found out Kamiya's plans for the series.
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User Info: lance72

5 years ago#9
What would interest me more is a the child of Vergil.

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