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User Info: TheOriginalMax

5 years ago#61
Hvv0l24n9 posted...
TheOriginalMax posted...
Hvv0l24n9 posted...
This is drawn out over what appears to be a few misunderstandings on both ends. Though I will say I don't believe "haters" is in any way derogatory. And I apologize, but I didn't check your link.

I agree with you man. Let's just leave it at whatever the hell we did just now XD
It's too long to start explaining why I think it's a derogatory term, but it really stems from the FFXIII board days. I wrote it up at one point in time, but I really don't have the energy to start looking for it. But if you're interested in reading my reasoning, I'll try to find it for you later.
Don't worry about the link :)

I too was on the FFXIII board. I don't remember seeing you, though I didnt stick around for very long, either. Too much hate from the board and too little interest on my part. Though I did get some laughs...

And I didn't check the link because I'm on the iPhone and I hate to copy/paste on it. Just so you know.

That place is pathetic as hell. It sucked getting flamed so much because I liked the game but had beefs with it. It's like the people there polarized my opinions without looking at the whole picture.

I understand.
To be fair, no one has unlimited patience, and at times this board could come close flustering the Buddha.-geekneck99

User Info: Malus_X6

5 years ago#62
Is it just me, or has TC trolled you all?
PSN: LordMalus

User Info: Kyrylo

5 years ago#63

With all that said, I can only say, NT is trying to make some money with other franchise, but doing their thing. Which in my opinion quite cheap, because, franchise, isn't called franchise, for the sound of the word.

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