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User Info: Famine_10f4

5 years ago#21

Anyways, back on track.

Another thing that caught my attention was that Dante had a white patch in his hair, at the back of his head, It made me wonder whether he dyed it or it was naturally replacing his black hair...

And now when we seen Dante he only has black hair, that is when there is no devil trigger.

Still makes me wonder whether he is hiding his white hair, whether it will come out over time as he evolves, or if he will ever have permanent white hair again. I assume he would, being that it is his tradition, at least by the time the credits roll.

User Info: Knives13

5 years ago#22
Re the white hair, maybe they will implement it in the story in a similar fashion to Vash's dark hair from Trigun Maximum. As he uses his supernatural powers (maybe only demon side) more and more white hair would appear until it would completely cover his head.

It would be cool (even though i highly doubt it) if they used it as an indicator of which side you have more of an affinity to. Only problem is half and half's would end up with a middle aged looking Dante at the end, lol.

User Info: MrStarkiller

5 years ago#23
Famine: >fretting over hate
Contend with it.
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