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User Info: Vault_Zero

5 years ago#1
It's a piece of crap.

User Info: DuuuDe14

5 years ago#2
It still looks meh. The combat looks very slow. And the dude did the same combos over and over. Freaking Tam Tam kept forgetting the names of the weapons lol.
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User Info: Invader_ZIMM

5 years ago#3
but it DOES look okay so far. i'd play it.

and tameem does seem to suck rather hard at publicities :/
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User Info: DuuuDe14

5 years ago#4
For an action game yes it does look good. But for a DMC game this looks meh. I'm being completely fair too.
The Official Sons of Sparda of the UMvC3 board
Dante: VergilxFelicia fan fic coming soon!

User Info: Kindertotenwald

5 years ago#5
He was using a standard weapon and a slow heavy weapon.

He says there are more in the full game, more than likely fast ones

User Info: rice_noodles

5 years ago#6
Dante seems to be all wobbly after some swings with his weapons. Not sure if this is supposed to covney that Dante is weak or if the weapon carries weight and momentum. Doesn't bug me too much though.

I'm really not sure how Osiris matches an angel scythe, but okay.

The feet first animation for angel pull makes no sense whatsoever.

Stronger shield and sword enemies are basically palette swaps of the geths we've used to be seeing.

Combat wise I don't see anything new from these weapons. At all.

User Info: neloangelo6661

5 years ago#7
Honestly compared to the reveal trailer, it looks like they've gone completely the other way. So not only am I mad that they made unnecessary changes but it's even worse that they couldn't even stick with their original idea. I would have hated it regardless but at least it would have stood on it's own.

Now it's just a mimicry of the old with new story elements. I have never been so offended by a video-game.
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User Info: Modest_Modsoul

5 years ago#8
My impressions:

1. Is it me, or Dante's face design in this video is altered / changed a bit in the previous combat video??? I thought his expression is (a little bit?) more "sinister" in this...

2. The energy hub / bar design is very, very simple. I... Don't mind it, as I loved simplicity. I just don't expect it to be that simple...

3. The combo ranking design also simple, but...

4. I like how the combo ranking + your move names. A Rebellion Combo A -> Hightime -> Ebony & Ivory -> etc.

5. I should said this earlier, when the previous combat video shown, I love the seamless fast transition from cut-scenes to playable game-play.

6. The enemies in 4:30-ish, the demon with sword & shield, reminds me of Devil May Cry 2...

That's it for now.


I should add, after I watched the other new combat videos, that I love the ranking combos with black blood splatters on the top right of the screen.
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User Info: shatterstar

5 years ago#9
Well this Dante is younger and his fighting style isn't as polished as the original due to his lack of fighting experience. If this is crap, let me get a second helping because I'm loving it.

User Info: DuuuDe14

5 years ago#10
Oh jeebus did you really justt say that? Haha
The Official Sons of Sparda of the UMvC3 board
Dante: VergilxFelicia fan fic coming soon!

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