Subtle changes in gameplay from the old trailers

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User Info: DRX777

5 years ago#1
Seen a couple complaints about how slow Dante still appears to be moving in the newest trailers. I gotta disagree; the changes in animation are slight, but they make a massive difference to the percieved speed of the game. I needed this pointed out on another board before I noticed it though. :P

The most noticeable difference is the air scythe attack; you fall now, not hang up in the air infinitely. But there's also a huge change to the ground scythe swing; previously it was a, y'know, single fluid sweep. Now there's the start, a dramatic pause, and then the pull.

That actually takes longer to pull off, but you get a much better feel for where Dante is in his animation cycle. That's critical, imo - to know what Dante is doing, and what you as the player are capable of doing to change the situation. I did not get that from the old vids at all, Dante sort of rolled through attacks and animations almost too fluidly.
Oh no, there goes Toh-kee-yoh!

User Info: rice_noodles

5 years ago#2
I could be imagining things, but Dante's dodge roll seem to travel less distance now.
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  3. Subtle changes in gameplay from the old trailers

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