Was Dantes combat system better in 3 or 4?

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  3. Was Dantes combat system better in 3 or 4?

User Info: 1SethSiroAnton1

5 years ago#1
Was it better to have 1 style & 2 melee/projectile or was it better in 4 to have everything on the fly?

For me I found it easier to do combos in 3 but in 4...well i dont know how to explain but I guess the lack of melee weapons kinda gave me no interest in combos. Gilgamesh I thought were to slow & Lucifer = garbage!

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User Info: DarkSymbiote

5 years ago#2
3. Switching between 3 weapons isn't as fun and I enjoyed 3's weapons more. The only good thing 4 improved upon was the real time style switching.
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User Info: Shaft228

5 years ago#3
3 definitely had the better weapons.

User Info: vhunter14

5 years ago#4
4, When you got the hang of on the fly, the combat was like a piece of art, lucifer was indeed not that good alone but combo with the right moves and it shined too.
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User Info: Orange00

5 years ago#5
DMC3 for me. Sure DMC4 might have more potential but I was a bit let down by less interesting weaponry and style switching felt pointless when each of them were more or less watered down versions of DMC3's.

Although I never played DMC4 quite as much as I did 3, so maybe it never got to grow on me.

User Info: prince_nagash

5 years ago#6
3 was better.

4 Had more options for on the fly, but the styles were all dumbed sown.

DMC3 had "crazy combos", in DMC4, they force you to do them, or were absent. Pretty dumb move.

For example, rebellion combo 2 (attack, delay, attack, attack) automatically goes into Million Stab in DMC4, so stupid.

User Info: sfvfkof

5 years ago#7
I think 4 had the better system (i mean you could just leave the style on any one particular style and you basically have DMC3). They just didn't have enough weapons/guns to surpass DMC3 combat wise. Especially when two of the three DMC4 weapons are pretty much DMC3 weapons. And the same thing with the guns.

User Info: AlexxShadenk777

5 years ago#8
DMC3 has definitely the better combat system. While 4 does have the ability to switch between styles, and Dante seems to have carbon copies from 3, a lot of the moves were removed, nerfed, or replaced by worse moves. Gilgamesh is by far the best example of this level of stupidity, it's essentially a hybrid of Ifrit and Beowulf; sounds great on paper, right? But Kick13 shows already how much of a failure this concept is. It'ss a 5-kicks move that doesn't change direction towards enemies (like the Auto Combo could), DT'd it becomes a 7-kick move with Rising Sun at the end but it still doesn't change direction, and both versions are completely uncancellable. The original Kick13 was practical, it was fast, it hit hard, and at lvl2 it had decent range. While DT'd it turned into an Auto Combo which still was uncancellable but unlike later games, DMC1 doesn't add this effect that delays the animation of an attack when it connects, so it didn't become slower while hitting enemies. But alright, this is DMC4, basing itself over 3 first, and 1 later. It's still bad. If there's a single word that can describe the combat system in DMC3 it's cancellability. Practically everything can be cancelled in some form and considering how lengthy DT'd Kick13 is, it should've been cancellable by jumping, side-rolling, dashing, blocking... you name it.

Other examples of it include mapping Straight to a back input with the inclusion of a useless little dash back that doesn't have i-frames or serves any purpose whatsoever.

Charging Shock does not increase the range of the explosion no matter what the special effect leads you to believe, and Shocking! (the diving version of it) is an incredibly pathetic move that should never be used. Volcano was weak in DMC3 because Dante was younger. In DMC1 he had goddamn Inferno, which scorched everything around him. Now he's back to an itty bitty move that does nothing. Screw that.

Full House's trajectory does not adjust its angle depending on the distance of the enemy like the same dive kicks did with Ifrit, Beowulf and even Trish in DMC2.

You can't do the rising uppercut (Rising Dragon) without charging it a single level first, Beowulf clearly let you do it by pressing the button a second time during Beast Uppercut, now you're obliged to charge it every single time. This is limiting and annoying.

Combo A is similar to the ground combo Ifrit had, but the final kick is about 3 times slower for whatever reason. Dante takes far too long to ready his leg.

The multi kicks from Combo B have become uncancellable. You probably remember that in DMC3 you could jump, roll etc out of the multikicks with ease, now it's impossible. Oh and Hyperfist is gone.

The only true advantage Gilgamesh does have is the ability to release Just Frame charged versions of some of its attacks, with Straight being the strongest move at Just Frame Charge lvl2 and you Distort it. It's even stronger than distorted Real Impact.

Speaking of Real Impact, Tornado was removed. He also does not shoot a version of Meteor or a Zodiac anymore. The Hammer is also gone.

Here's another small list of other things bad in DMC4: Wildstomp removed. The shotgun is less effective than DMC2. Fireworks is worse than DMC2. Air Fireworks is even worse than that. Point Blank removed. No Air Raid. No Vortex. Round Trip is utter garbage. Can use Yamato but no Rapid Slash or Upper/Downslash, has TWO Slash Dimensions instead. Pandora is crap all around except for Jealousy and arguably Omen. Lucifer is disappointingly crap save for Ecstasy and Splash. Royalguard is pathetic to use. Twosome Time is more useless than ever.

This isn't to say that there aren't things they did better in DMC4. Rebellion for example has got plenty of improvement, Rain Storm is also a lot more efficient, and Trickster is by far the best Style, but it is undeniable and unforgiveable the amount of WRONG decisions they made to nerf Dante so much.
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User Info: CupONoodles69

5 years ago#9
4 is easily better than 3. It has genuinely interesting weapons with unique utilities instead of the big pile of boring in DMC3 (there are a few exceptions).

I like how every "point" Alexx made boils down to "it's different than DMC1 and 3", lol.
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User Info: AlexxShadenk777

5 years ago#10
CupONoodles69 posted...
I like how every "point" Alexx made boils down to "it's different than DMC1 and 3", lol.

I explained, point by point, precisely what makes Gilgamesh a terrible weapon. It doesn't boil down to just being different, it boils down to being WORSE. Troll harder, please.
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