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User Info: Dark_Oni12398

5 years ago#11
Phantom_Opera_G posted...
Dark_Oni12398 posted...
Phantom_Opera_G posted...
I'd see it being like Kenshiro vs Jagi, he punches the pretender on a pressure point that messes up his muscle control causing him to blow his own brains out

That's.....not what kenshiro did to jagi......did you watch the show?

I did....... this is me amusing things again, I did with Saddam quoting Darth Vader's "I changed my mind pray that I don't change it any further" in Not Without My Anus (the Terrance And Phillip episode of South Park) when putting it to Bane and Batman fighting to the death and it made me look quite foolish lol.

But yea I guess it was and it wasn't, Jagi does take the punch to the face, points the gun to his face but he manages to get the gun out of his hand before he pulls the trigger.

Let this be a lesson to you all, never assume anything because it can leave you looking like a fool lol.

Oh I was thinking more about when he actually kills jagi years later and does the poke that makes his whole body feel like a nerve ending....good times.
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