After the new reveals, it looks like the anti's are turning "neutral"

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  3. After the new reveals, it looks like the anti's are turning "neutral"

User Info: Lord_Mizer

4 years ago#71
Orange00 posted...
oh man, i came here hoping these "new reveals" would be DMC5 but guess not..

you guy are not gonna even play the demo? Wow that's sticking to your guns tilll the very last breath! Using shatters example about the painting; you complain about the art all the way to the exhibition and when finally you'd get to see the art you close your eyes, block your ears and start shaking your head "lalalalala don't see or hear nothin'"

that's ignorance right there!! Even someone like sterlok is gonna try it out just so he knows what he's bashing

Why should I force myself to play a demo of a game I don't like? It's not my style and I'm not going to bend over backwards to do so.
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User Info: SinExDeath

4 years ago#72
From: shatterstar | #046
But you will play the FREE demo though and probably the full retail game.
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User Info: masterkirby3

4 years ago#73
After playing the demo twice, seeing the "new reveals", and "goodies", I still don't want this game. I will not buy it, I will not rent it, I don't even want it as a gift. Good to know that they have something right with the difficulty names and the costumes having perks, I mean DMC3 and DMC4 had that and the combat has some promise after watching that combat video, nothing too impressive but hey there might be something worth watching one day.
Dante is still a juvenile jerk, the story feels like its trying too hard to be something that it doesn't need to be, combat animation still looks stiff, the music is bleh and the enemies suffer from boring, bland designs with the most glaringly obvious attack cues, so no, as an anti, I'm not turning neutral. Even if this was a game with a different name, I'd still wouldn't buy it considering Ninja Theory's track record and how Capcom is a sad, sad shell of its former self. For those who want this game, more power to you, as for me, I will be playing Anarchy Reigns and Metal Gear Rising.
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User Info: Strelok

4 years ago#74
I'd take BOTH into account as both opinions have merit to them.

But unlike you, I can tell art from crap Lollerstar.
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User Info: Modest_Modsoul

4 years ago#75
I'm neutral in the first place.

The new videos are great.

I love the final version (?) graphic & art style of this game.

But compared to what we got in these several days...

I think I'll love Metal Gear Rising game-play more.
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  3. After the new reveals, it looks like the anti's are turning "neutral"

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