Capcom is a joke are they charging for this dlc???

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User Info: andyt73

4 years ago#151

you need a statement saying Capcom intended this to be in the game? How about the fact that it will be released in conjunction with the DMC release. It does not take much imagination to come to terms that CONTENT FINISHED BY THE GAME'S RELEASED SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN THE FINAL GAME!!! By your logic, on-disk dlc is perfectly fine since Capcom never intends for those to be found, let alone in the game.

That burger example does not work since you were originally expecting a burger...not a cheese burger. Ppl are expecting a full DMC game with all the completed content being released at the same time, but instead they have to pre-order and solidify their purchase to get what they were originally expecting, and if they do not, then they get less quality. Why do you need examples, it is as simple as that....

Sorry by whose judgement should the content be included, is that not upto the developer.
And the burger analogy works perfectly as you say ppl are expecting a full DMC and that is what they are getting, again it is not YOUR judgement of what a full DMC is. You are actually backing up my point NO ONE was expecting it in the original purchase no one not one person anywhere expected Virgil to be playable.

Just going round in circles now my logic is as simple as this, if capcom and indeed any developer makes it clear what you are getting and how much you are paying for it then there is NO problem because it then becomes your judgement to assess its value, This situation is only an issue if they said buy DMC and get this Virgil pack and then when u boot the game up you find you have to pay extra and that simply isnt the situation.

User Info: Hunter1534

4 years ago#152
Is jade the only reasonable pro here? Oh, and shadow zero...he is pro right?
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User Info: Japanese_Jade

4 years ago#153
Lord_Mizer posted...
Japanese_Jade posted...
Lord_Mizer posted...
To be honest, this topic makes me laugh.

You got anymore lawn chairs? I think I'll just sit the rest of this one out now. I've had my fun.


*Hands you a lawn chair*

Much obliged.

Ragnoraok did convince me to buy more DLC though. My complacency is a gift to you, sir!

*kicks back on lawn chair and fans self with dollar bills*
The internet was made specifically for you...LOL...I lied.

User Info: ChezDispenser

4 years ago#154
Ragnoraok posted...
Like I said, you refuse to see the larger picture. Funny how you recognize that gaming companies are legitimate companies that need to use underhand tactics to sell well, but you fail to acknowledge consumers and the gaming industry as being serious. Why shouldnt connections be made? What is the point of school if they cannot be applied to real life, and things that we are interested about. See, that is the difference between those that go through life questioning why everything is messed up, and those actively trying to take a pragmatic approach to them.

Oh, I question why plenty of things are messed up. I write essays and columns on the subject as part of my living, in fact--you know, the things that actually affect the world around me? The important social issues that dictate the wellbeing of myself and others? Religious freedoms, philosophy, you know, stuff that matters beyond my goddamn living room?

You should take pride in everything you like or do, and that includes your past-times. Go to any gamesite and tell pro-players or fans that are taking games too seriously and see how quickly you get chewed out. college textbooks actually offer more content and updated material between each editions, although they are expensive. I dont boycott them because that is what I have teachers teach. In college, I bought maybe 4 textbooks so far, and used none. As for dvds...noone buys them since you can just get them off the internet. It is hard to play pirated games, but either way I would not do that.

Nobody--wow. Plenty of people still buy DVDs, and blu-rays, both of which sometimes have multiple editions with additional content. "Additional" being the key word there. Were you homeschooled or something? That might explain why you take pride in tapping buttons. Pro-gamers make money off of it--they contribute to society, and they work their asses off being good at a game to do so. They have something to show for their effort besides a couple wasted hours.

That is why you are a complacent gamer. A beginning, middle, end, and a story? THEN EVERY LAST VIDEO GAME EVER MADE WAS JUSTIFIED FOR THE ASKING PRICE. Do you know how utterly idiotic and nonsensical that is? Oh wait, that is an opinion, and apparently all opinions are on even ground.... You do not feel a sense of entitlement because you are utterly complacent; you burn money on games and believe that since you got 10 hours out of a $60 game, that everyone should also. If anyone is sheltered and naive, it is those that claim that video games and dlc are not that much money, since they obviously do not know the value of a dollar in relation to smart purchases. All consumers should feel entitled to the best when they purchase something, but its childish in the gaming industry?

EVERY LAST VIDEO GAME EVER MADE IS WORTH THE ASKING PRICE to someone, as it turns out! Hey, can I have this universal standard you're using to determine worth, so I can figure how I can enjoy Portal 2 just as much as Skyrim just as much as Need for Speed just as much as Tales of Vesperia just as much as Borderlands, despite having paid the same for all of those games and them being of wildly varying gameplay types and lengths?

I know the value of a dollar, I also know that some angry kid on the internet doesn't get to tell me what I do and don't find worthy of my dollar. I don't mind pre-ordering a game to get a chunk of content. "The best" is subjective: what's best for you, which I can only imagine to be incredibly Japanese games of interminable length, is certainly not best for me.


User Info: andyt73

4 years ago#155
Ragnoraok posted...
Hunter1534 posted...
This topic helped me weed out the straight up jerks and the ignorant. Now i know who not to take seriously and what do ya know? The majority are "pros" how grand!
"be less poor" type comments is all I see from them.

I know, you cannot even have a serious conversation with them.

in all fairness we are having a serious conversation and as I have stated i dont think your wrong its a difference of opinion and i am offering mine, I would have a decent debate with you any time before i wasted my time responding to someone like strelok

User Info: Ragnoraok

4 years ago#156

all of this adds up to you being stuck up. I feel like I am going in circles. You write about religious freedom and philosophy, yet you cannot see the effects of dlc outside of the personal realm. You claim to be an educated/enlightened person yet you are purposelessly baiting and provoking others, let alone belittling them? Yea right, you are just trying to keep this argument alive to insult and mess with others who actually care, while offering no further insight other than "LOL, iTz jUST a GMEZ!!" You are going to the ignore list. Wish I would have realized you were trying to provoke others before I wasted half a day arguing with you. I advise everyone to do the same, since he is not even open to conversation, and is just looking for kicks.
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(message deleted)

User Info: Hunter1534

4 years ago#158
Ignore Chez. Anything he says is either ignorant or laughably bad.
Yo momma got caught givin' up neck in the bathroom at the Woodcrest country club, and it wasn't yo daddy.

User Info: Flareth

4 years ago#159
ChezDispenser posted...
It's as simple as "we don't like it, we're going to make our point by not buying the game and finding something else to like, because we're goddamned adults."

It's as simple as ignoring those posts if they're bothering you so much. I'm sure plenty of people will be doing just what you said, but that doesn't mean they can't voice their concerns at the same time. You realize you're complaining about people complaining right? Because that is totally a constructive discussion. But by all rights, keep posting! I really get enjoyment out of reading your posts.
You sure are a keen observer of the obvious, kupo!

User Info: Dark_Epathy

4 years ago#160
I have a GameStop gift card on hand, so pre-ordering's not that heavy on my conscience. : P
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