I truly feel Capcom killed the real DMC with Devil May Cry 4

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User Info: UncleWesker

4 years ago#31
JELIFISH19 posted...
They should've removed styles.

I sure do love when games remove options. Yep indeedy.
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User Info: _Uwye_

4 years ago#32
JELIFISH19 posted...
While Bayonetta was a more difficult game, I wasn't fighting the controller like I find myself doing in DMC4.

And I wasn't fighting the controller either in DMC4. If we want to talk of personal preferences we won't get anywhere.

There was nothing unorthodox about Bayonetta's controls.

You sure? Using back-forward motions in the air, 360°, "jump-jump-attack" or "jump - dodge - dodge - lock on - lock on" (air teleport) isn't what I'd call the norm in this kind of games. Compare that to the standardized motions in DMC3-4 that often required just the press of one button.

All of the moves made sense and you had access to everything at all times.

With the downside that the "styles" weren't as deep as they were in DMC3-4. As I said, it's a matter of tradeoffs.

Not to mention that it's not actually true. If you don't equip firearms the only long range attack you have is the pathetic normal shot with no "GS" moves.

User Info: Dark_Epathy

4 years ago#33
DMC5 would have worked. Playing as Dante in the campaign probably wouldn't have worked, but Nero was a fine candidate--his Devil Bringer could have been expanded, and he could have been given an arsenal of new Devil Arms. The story could have dealt with Vergil coming back through him, or whatever, and it could have been a good wrap-up to that story.

DMC4 was not really a bad game. It did seem kind of redundant in parts, and maybe its potential was wasted, but it didn't kill the series.
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User Info: LordMe

4 years ago#34
DMC4's biggest issue was no turbo mode and a lack of Crazy Combo's.

Nero was fun to play, so was Dante, I just wish they had not nerfed Dante's styles from 3. But all in all the game was great. Just add what they took out.

Maybe for DMC5 they should do the overlaying stories from RE6. Dante, Nero and Vergil as they are all going different routes in a bigger picture kinda story...

That would be awesome.

User Info: antking61

4 years ago#35
_Uwye_ posted...
Link? As far as I know they only said "new dmcs every two year" (=2015), not DMC5 specifically.


I know they don't specifically say DMC5 itself but Capcom is pulling their bigger titles back to in house development. Devil May Cry is 1 of those big titles and I'm pretty sure they said that it's unlikely for DmC to get a sequel. Can't find the link to that though.
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User Info: mad_hax_man

4 years ago#36
Dark World Ruler posted...
I'm starting to warm up to this game in all honesty, and more and more I think how a DMC5 just wouldnt have worked anyways. They could have put far more effort into Nero and made him interesting character, but instead they made him just another son of Sparda and a clone of Dante personality wise and looks wise. He was the focus of DMC4 but instead of doing a story we were all expecting (like Vergil possessing him, he'd be resurrected some way through Nero) we got an inconsequential plot and a character that was never fleshed out for reasons beyond me.

Three points.

-We don't know Neros relation to the Sparda family.
-There was an obvious plan to flesh Nero's past out in latter games.
-Nero is rather distinct from Dante. They are not polar opposites, but Nero's a lot more hot heated and brash, where as Dante's a lot more laid back.

It was obvious that DMC4 was meant to serve as an introduction to Nero, so latter games could expand on his gameplay and place in the story.

Then the problem with Dante, he was godly-overpowered in DMC4 hardly even breaking a sweat with any of the villains. It made me think "What villain in a future game that isn't Mundus can actually take him on?". That in combination with the newbie Nero made a perplexing path of where the characters and universe would go in DMC5.

I'm not seeing why you are so perplexed. Between DMC1 and 3 we get Dante's story, particularly regarding the after affects of the the Sparda/ Mundus battle and the sudden murder of Eva, and DMC4 added the only natural evolution of Dante's gameplay in 3, style switching.

Which is why Nero was introduced. To allow the series to expand and grow without making Dante over powered as well as allowing the franchise to avoid constantly throwing us villains that one up Mundus
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User Info: Strelok

4 years ago#37
Lollerstar agrees that DMC4 killed the franchise, yet he never played anything in said franchise.

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User Info: Lord_Mizer

4 years ago#38
I think it's already established that shatter has no idea of what he's talking about.
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User Info: Swarles

4 years ago#39
Where is shatter? I haven't had a good laugh in a while.

User Info: Hunter1534

4 years ago#40
DMC 4 had a difficult control scheme? The hell?

@shatter i disagree. God of War became worse after each game (well story wise). Combat wise, there were no advancements at all. It's sort of fun the first time around, but unlike the DMC games, they have no replayability.
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