Where is the Demo?

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User Info: JackJunk8

4 years ago#1
as of 10:04 am today it will not appear on XBLA or PSN when the crap is it getting here?
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User Info: hoagie727

4 years ago#2
I heard it is on XBOX Live now and PSN later today, normally around 5pm.

As far as where on XBOX Live I have no idea. I don't have an XBOX360.

User Info: DarkJaydragon

4 years ago#3
It's in the demo part of the games section on live.
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User Info: ColonelChiken

4 years ago#4
Are you a Gold Member TC?

User Info: ReiderAsmadi

4 years ago#5
Demos generally only show up for gold members at first.

Silver gets to wait a week.
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User Info: Japanese_Jade

4 years ago#6

Try this if you have Xbox Live. I don't know if the PSN has it yet.
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User Info: JELIFISH19

4 years ago#7
Oh wow, it's on XBLA? I could've sworn it was coming to PSN first. I was so disappointed when I set up my PS3 and found out that PSN was down. This makes me so much happier.
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