DmC the fall of another good series.

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User Info: Flareth

4 years ago#11
DmC = GoW 4 Confirmed?
You sure are a keen observer of the obvious, kupo!

User Info: Shadowruler

4 years ago#12
When the pre-boss fight dialogue included shouting matches of "**** you!", I lost a little piece of myself. The cool thing about Dante in the past was that he could be a badass saying the cheesiest things ever. Profanity is not cheesy, nor does it make this game 'edgy' or 'mature', which I believe was the intended reaction.
The reaction I had, was that it was just sort of childish and trying too hard.
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User Info: StriderOW

4 years ago#13
I was thinking the same thing about the script/dialog. It just seemed out of place for a DMC game. The cursing just didn't fit well. Dante in the original series was just cheesy but at the same time was cool while doing it because he didn't seemed to be "forced" into being cool. In this game(to me) it seems like Dante is trying too hard to sound cool. It just seemed very out of place to me. Then again this is a alt.universe so I'll play along.

User Info: goldw

4 years ago#14
From: rice_noodles | #010
Tameem: This is also the first game I've written, cast and directed myself. If i do my job right, you should be seeing a story of Dante that breaks the myth that all videogame stories are trite and will never stand up to the best that theatre and film have to offer.

Look at that. TamTam is wrong again.

Several games have broke this myth. Rockstar Games broke the myth. Team Ico broke the myth. Bioshock broke the myth. Mass Effect, before Bioware went down the tubes, broke this myth.

And, if he is trying to break this myth, he's doing a pretty bad job.
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User Info: ZeroX91

4 years ago#15
Gameing basasseru peajed whne Duke Nukem ropped off Ashes lines.
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User Info: Malus_X6

4 years ago#16
I called it.
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User Info: Zio_Dyne

4 years ago#17
I honestly wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry; there's terrible dialogue, and then there's this.
This goes beyond cringe-worthy. It isn't even the type of thing you can simply cringe at.
I just...feel terrible. For everyone involved. Myself included.
It really was that bad.
Aren't trailers and snippets supposed to oversell the product to hook the viewer?
Aren't they supposed to be akin to a highlight reel of non-spoilers?
Forget breaking barriers and reaching new heights;
nothing they've shown to date has swayed me from thinking that this isn't some of the worst writing I've ever seen in a game.
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User Info: En Sabah Nur

En Sabah Nur
4 years ago#19
Albert_Wesker94 posted...
After playing the demo a second to make sure that i knew what i was talking about and hearing Dante say "Come on, you little sh**s." I just had to pause it and i know just about all of you have said it but swearing doesn't make you cooler and it definitely sounds out of place when you use it in an attempt to sound funny/cool. I wasn't even aware that Ninja Theory was supposed to be trying to create a more realistic script for this game...i can safely say there not doing a at all. Especially after watching Dante go back and forth with Cerebus (Dmc 3) and Agnus (Dmc 4)...this is definitely a step backwards.

I disagree. The exchanges in past games weren't much better at all. At all. The story as a whole, from what we've seen so far, certainly seems more cohesive and substantial than past games. Dante even acts like a real person for a change.

What is the issue with profanity exactly? It's not about sounding cool, it's for emphasis. Maybe it's just because I'm a New Yorker but I found the profanity to be fitting/appropriate and even enjoyable. It wasn't as overdone as in something like Bulletstorm (and even there it was usually still pretty good).

Is it because some of you aren't used to profanity? Or you aren't open-minded? Or you prefer really campy, lame dialogue (which was often truly cringe-worthy)?

Also, let's reiterate one thing: What DMC is or isn't is not up to any of you. It's up to Capcom. If this is how DMC is gonna be, so be it. Grow up, man up, move on.
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