Lol the demo is horrible.

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User Info: YumeOMiru

5 years ago#51
Dragoon_Kail posted...
ejshin posted...
Dragoon_Kail posted...
Well, the plots terrible, the controls are beyond god awful & itplays like a autistic, mentally & physically handicaped DMC4 & the dialoge somehow combines turrets syndrome & bland under acting into one

But uh....hey the game looks kinda....shiney? musics kinda okayish?

I find it best not to compare it to any of the Devil May Cry games. It also takes a while to get used to the controls, but it's fun once you get the hang of it. Instead of playing and shaking you head saying "THIS IS NOT DEVIL MAY CRY" instead understand "this isn't a Devil May Cry game, this is a DmC game. Just sever the mental association with Devil May Cry. Makes the game a lot more enjoyable ;)

lol yeah, i shouldn't compare this devil may cry game to the devil may cry games....hows that work again?? a better sugestion would be "just go play the MGR: Revengance demo to remove the bad taste from your mouth asociated with DmC"

Is blind love, is onesided and NT will laugh when they get his money.
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User Info: Yami_light_

5 years ago#52
well casuals are gonna love it, younger crowds too I guess(I don't know if anarchy is that popular now)

Me? I can get the game early, but I probably won't. Is just too much of a simple game.
If I get around the idea to do a review like I planned then I might actually pick it up next month.

But my prediction is that is a fun game for casual gameplay , but with barely replay value.
Hardcore fans would find no replay value at all.

This is just what I think as of right now lol.
Capcom and EA in a nutshell. PSN:Light_Yami

User Info: pigboy

5 years ago#53
NessaJ_TuN posted...
Gameplay is not smooth like other DMC, feel clunky and sluggish at times, u can stay in air so long without any effort, the Camera sucks, half assed platforming as expected from NT games and what's up with the graphic?? it looks good in youtube, but in game, damn it looks crap, DMC4 looks way better, also I'm all with new Character design, but Dante in this game personality wise not cool n funny anymore, he is more like a jackass teenager trying to act cool, he doesn't seem behave naturally to me compare to DMC3 dante. yep good job Capcom for butchering our beloved character.

A bit late to the discussion but I totally agree. This game got one of the worse camera angle I ever had, the low frame rate is not helping either.

The lack of lock-on makes the situation even worse and I always find myself hitting the wrong monster or facing the wrong direction.

The control is also horrible.. It is such bad idea to have to hold on to the trigger to use a weapon. It feels so awkward & unnatural & I see that the reason they design to have two dodge buttons.

The gun is pathetically weak & lack of the good recoil feeling it had in the old DMD games . I was shooting the monster for a full minutes and it does not even seems to be hurt by a little.

The monster are ugly & impressively dump making the game is not challenging at all.

Yes, the demo is just horrible by any means!

User Info: ShadowZero007

5 years ago#54
Skylight posted...
yep, if people enjoy the new DmC, let them. Fun is fun. If people don't like the new DmC, then that's fine too, you don't have to like it.

Focus on things you do like.


I like how the MGR demo whilst somewhat buggy is getting a pass
"Nah they'll fix it"
DmC though

Even if they didn't have a little more time for tweaks there's still patches.
Any Bethesda game ever basically (well ES and Fallout at the least) are buggy as hell; yet the fanbase is usually okay with waiting for these things to be ironed out.
In my restless dreams I see that town...
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