Do you see yourself getting this game ??

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  3. Do you see yourself getting this game ??

User Info: Zozzilla_MkII

4 years ago#111
I'm still not sure - I played the demo and the combat is as flashy as it's ever been, there's really decent humour in it,'s not something I'd preorder or rush out to buy at full price. I know it's a Westernised reboot and all but I loved old Dante and his original backstory. =/ ~ By itachi15243

User Info: AntonSaidWhat

4 years ago#112

User Info: justawayfan

4 years ago#113
Most likely not, loved (and still love) the feel of the old Devil May Cry games much more

And the people working on the game, Ninja Theory, Capcom and whoever else, just really rubbed me the wrong way :/

User Info: LordMe

4 years ago#114
Not a chance.

User Info: DiZ_the_Enigma

4 years ago#115
Pre-ordered it.
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  3. Do you see yourself getting this game ??

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