This game is awesome. Better than DMC4 already, I'll say that much.

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  3. This game is awesome. Better than DMC4 already, I'll say that much.

User Info: caffiend7

4 years ago#61
Xtreme65 posted...
Oh and How does one enjoy DMC2 more than this demo? As someone who has played through the HD collection recently im very curious cuz DMC2 is probably the worst action game ever. (cant think of any worse.)

I liked DMC2 it's hard to describe but it's still better than DmC
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User Info: Zen_Zarab

4 years ago#62
FireMage7777 posted...
Just because you like something more than something else doesn't mean its better

yeah it does... In his opinion. Sorry that you guys aren't on the same mind set.

User Info: LionHeartSJT

4 years ago#63
I've played then all and i really enjoyed the demo, liking the look and feel
Also combat was once again fun

User Info: Doom_Infinite

4 years ago#64
I disagree with TC. IMO 4 was maybe not the best and the story was a little light but gameplay wise it was excellent.

This game feels like an unpolished DMC to me. Also aesthetically Dino is so unpleasant to watch that alone just ruins the experience for me.
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User Info: _tanjil_

4 years ago#65
UtaNapishti posted...
_tanjil_ posted...
docman864 posted...

but Devil Bringer was very useful in DMC4.

Wait are you serious... you don't think the angel/devil pulls are useful? I mean I think it's pretty obvious how the help in combos. But they also integrated it such that certain enemies require you to use it against them like using the devil pull to steal shields away from the weird flying babies.

I used the devil pull only when the tutorial forced me. And I had no difficulty defeating any of the enemies. This is on Nephilim, mind you.

Sure if you wanna play it just to beat it. But DMC is all about being stylish, and DmC is still respecting that by giving you options. Nephilim is normal from what I remember, nothing to be proud of. I mean in DMC you can go through normal mode just spamming Rebellion and you'll win just fine

User Info: NessaJ_TuN

4 years ago#66
SSJ_Jin posted...
FireMage7777 posted...

It's a possible opinion, but it is a wrong opinion nonetheless

No more wrong than that radiance of yours. *looks down*

lol. Had to use a Xemnas quote here.

ShadowBoyZX posted...
Yep, totally tearing up over here....from the laughter but so long as you're admitting it lol.

NessaJ_TuN posted...
the only bad thing about DMC4 that most people complained about is how Capcom lazy at the second half of the game make u repeat the same level all over again, if they put u in different levels and give u more unique weapons for dante just like in DMC3, the game would be way better acclaimed by critics and DMC fans, because the gameplay mechanic in DMC4 is actually very solid. this new DmC demo however is crap from gameplay stand point imo.

For me DMC4 had a little less going for it. What you said is true. But I think that with all it added it just didn't "do better." Despite taking the different styles from DMC3 and implementing the switching far better, for example, the game just didn't capture me like DMC3. Think how RE5 added more stuff to RE4's gameplay yet RE4 was just better in every way, (if you have this opinion of course).

It's why DMC1 is better than DMC4, for example, (and if one has that opinion). Despite having the better combat mechanics, DMC4 as a game just wasn't better than DMC1. But in this case I think the new DMC gameplay is just fine and very fun. A little getting use to with the whole holding L2/R2 thing, but enjoyable never the less.

I know people are upset about the lack of lock on, but that doesn't bother me at all. It's like God of War. I do agree there should definitely be a taunt button. One of the evade buttons should be replaced with it.

As for mentioning DMC2, I know it's the worst but it's still a DMC game.

yeah I got you, DMC 4 feels less interesting to me from the plot, enemy design is just not as good as 3, but still u gotta admit the second half u basically repeat the same enemies, bosses and place, it just make the game redundant, if they do put dante on new location with new puzzle, enemy type and bosses, the game will be better for sure, also new weapon its always be plus in DMC series.

I think DMC3 story is more interesting and to the point, also Vergil as bad guys are cool and character such as Lady makes DMC 3 more like stylish action movie even more.

RE5 is not good imo, yes its bigger like they added coop but in survival horror, bigger doesn't mean always good, because survival horror is not just emphasize only in mindless shooting action, setting, atmosphere, pacing, level design are the key n Re4 are undeniably way better on those department.

User Info: FireMage7777

4 years ago#67
Zen_Zarab posted...
FireMage7777 posted...
Just because you like something more than something else doesn't mean its better

yeah it does... In his opinion. Sorry that you guys aren't on the same mind set.

Only in his opinion, which is bad
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User Info: Dragoon_Kail

4 years ago#68
troll thread is obvious troll thread :P when it starts with a "i've played all the games" you know it's troll, though i will give the TC a bonus point for knowing to use the obvious DMC3 name drop as a "might even be as good as" example

Unfortunetly you foolishly used the n00b cookie cutter DMC4 example, this is classic "never played much of the games, but i'll pick the last game in the series that wasn't universaly praised by the fanbase of forums to get attention"

Second classic mistake: glossing over details & examples to simply point out the hot topic game will be better just because and hope to get conga line going & manipulate easily ranty fans about dmc4 even though they actually do like it but will tunnel vision on the negatives given an oppertunity you now hope to provide
"This is good, isn't it?" .....*cries* it is good is good~! ; ;

User Info: Pirate_Duck

4 years ago#69
90wushuman posted...
So far, I had WAY more than the DMC4 demo (I can't say the full game yet). DmC to me is one of (if not) the best action game demo I've ever played.

You missed out on the Arkhum Asylum demo?
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User Info: _tanjil_

4 years ago#70
@Dragoon_Kail What about the topics that go along the lines, "I've played all the DMCs and... this one is crap" Are those guys trolls?

it's probably not fair to say it's worse than DMC2. DmC is supposed to be a DMC like game but doesn't cut it as a DMC but has it's own merits for the action genre.. DMC2 was a DMC game and just failed to be a successor.
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  3. This game is awesome. Better than DMC4 already, I'll say that much.

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