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User Info: exodiark

4 years ago#21
UnknownWin posted...
DarkJaydragon posted...
ejshin posted...
The irony is that people complaining about the game give it more exposure. Without the moaning and lamenting, this board would have never made it to Top 10. They are actually helping indirectly market this game.

Sssshhhh... don't tell them. >_>

The funny thing is, my friend played the demo and found it good, He saw the demo trailer on IGN YouTube channel and saw how it really got high views and likes, and then he played the demo. He told me two things after playing it:

-It's faster than Assassin's Creed (I laughed a little when he said that xD, He probably didn't play DMC4 or Bayonetta, Assassin's Creed isn't even a H&S game i don't know why did he said that)

-The main character is badass and cool (I couldn't stop laughing at him after saying that he thought i was disrespecting his opinion, I didn't want to waste my time and talk to him how the real old Dante was badass)

We the haters somehow made this game more popular than the original series.

I think this is the demo trailer he saw on YouTube

Irony, huh?
I guess hate is one hell of advertisement. The haters lowered the expectation bar of casual gamers and newcomers, and when NT hit back with casual-tailored DmC (flashy animations, good choreography, popping colors, sweeaarwords), the game looks even better. No wonder many newcomers like this game, since most newcomers won't even think about 30fps stuff, as long as it's flashy and fluid enough, it's great. That's why GoW sells, even if the combos are rather simple.

Also, personally, Old Dante really is cool, but that's not for everybody.
I find him rather annoying, because he's just too cool, nobody else have time to shine, like the bosses, the new enemies, even poor Nero :|
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