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User Info: FNP88

4 years ago#111
BlackSheepWalls posted...
What has DmC to do with Gear of War?

All the people who dislike this game are saying the combat doesn't hold up against the old DMC or Bayonetta(basically the best H&S games in terms of combat depth). So i wanted to see how they thought of DmCs combat compared to a H&S game aimed at more casual gamers.

User Info: mmSNAKE

4 years ago#112
NOTE: I'm not seeing any talk of starting up that GoW1 run. You backing down from the Clones? Don't you want to have a go with them? Where's your lust for a challenge?

I'm not the kind to back down, but my current time is limited. I'll start it this weekend but I doubt I'll finish it due to time and difficult of it within few days.

I haven't played anything in this genre for half a year or so, so might as well do it.
Beatings will continue until morale improves!

User Info: Psychochild27

4 years ago#113

Making self imposed challenges a bit pointless to compare.

Isn't that what an SB run is?

About as much of a self-imposed challenge as SS-rank runs are in DMC3. Special Bonuses are acknowledged and rewarded in-game for fulfilling S-Rank Time, Orb and No Damage criteria. You can still S-Rank while taking damage and miss the SB bonus.

User Info: MrStarkiller

4 years ago#114
Arc: >HS for cheap
My, my. What a savings. It almost seems worthwhile at that price. But still, the matter of time. It would merely go on the backlog.

Mage: >long time
Not singe last I checked, but then, that may have been a year or so ago. Who keeps track? A long time for a game so undeserving to keep above bottom dollar.

SBK: >wonderful costume
And yet, they frequently deny a 'pure' challenge costume. Would it be so hard to simply throw us a bone? It need not be any different in appearance (or if it has to be, a simple palette swap can suffice). Just needs bad stats as with GK. Having it look snazzy is just a pleasant extra. They still owe us Captain Kratos (Dominus minus the ashes). I still say that's the best place to work from for this entry. If they want to butter me up, grant Blue Kratos. Call him "True Blue" if you want to get cute about it (thanks to their antics with Morpheus Armor).

Ah, yes. You'll have a lovely time working collisions. When without them, grinding away. But nothing more than you've suffered before elsewhere. I suspect Zeus with BH in this case should offer you some amusement (not nearly so long as the Clones, but you might find this more pleasant).

>Lady doesn't
How sporting. Didn't know Mary was so classy.

>heard of it
Shin did so accidentally, but two others found their own methods to move them. One continued experiments to the point of dropping them off the platform entirely. No luck getting them on the piece that Agony later rests on. That would be ideal, I should think. Just outside the area where he can possibly hit them (as he only targets us, so they would need to be in his line of fire). Still, such an exploit would be simply too much. We wouldn't be able to honor it (as with dropping them off and having them live). Moving them is 'pushing it' enough as it is.

>the way it should
Almost entirely so. Has grabs, though they do lack i-frames in SWFU1. The lesser sort, not so much QTEs and the like. I forget if air grabs leave you exposed. We can't leap into air grabs either (SWFU2 changed that). If only they paid better attention with what worked in the first...the second did have some improvements, but dashed it all away.

>balanced for
They would only balance it for Normal with default Kratos with a presumed path being direct damage AoE spell at MAX and Blades MAX. Beyond that, very little balancing (so something could be 'too good' or, more likely, terrible). Not for costumes and certainly not for VH.

Bayonetta (to ride this praise train to the station) considered well how the different (quite varied) settings would justify different 'style points', times, damage allowances, etc. And quite a well designed system for 'combo points' (style) no less. They could have focused on making such things work for GoW (even if only as an Urn or even a menu option to turn the stuff on without giving tangible rewards like EXP) rather than all that nonsense with MP.

>above everything else
Presuming the tactic the two of us used isn't simply known to them and they go in blind, yes?

>rather long

>can instantly kill you
Too right. Lots of strangeness to be noted.

>Junk Titan handling
If he had just one extra checkpoint...but that's just how it goes sometimes.

NOTE: This fight being a fine example of how resisting the intended path (fight designed with strong encouragement for a certain solution) can make things exponentially harder.

>glares at Nero
You going to let Donte off the hook?

>the one sin
I'm still waiting for that shoe to drop like some battered wife.

FNP: So you compare it to Gears? I do not follow, sir.

User Info: MrStarkiller

4 years ago#115
Psycho: >as much as SS ranks
So there we have it.

>rewarded in-game
So what? It's a focus beyond merely getting through. Specialty runs, challenge runs, restriction runs, etc. You don't need a nod from the game to do them and getting one doesn't make it part of the natural difficulty unless NOT doing as much causes you to fail (thus anything less than a perfect mark kills you and prevents game completion). Were the case otherwise, you would have a very hard game, now wouldn't you?

MM: >not the kind to backdown
And yet I'm sensing the words that follow shall not quite reflect this. But, let's hope for the best. *reads on*

>current time is limited
This I understand too well.

>this weekend
Oh? Good show. But then, we'll need to handle this business elsewhere, now won't we? And because of how I do business, we'll need a run skeleton for the antics leading up to it. I have plenty, so no worries there.

Being that the Clones are your aim, it must (at least) be a VH NUR. If you wish to push yourself, it can be a VH PAIN (or settle for NUR+ if you prefer). Let's not waste our time with Hard though. It would be best to declare what run you're doing (just to be clear).

You'll need a thread for it at the right board. If the PS2 version, there's just one board for that talk. If the PS3 version, Saga or the Collection will suffice (doesn't matter which). There are very slight difference, so it is likely better the PS3 version not be discussed on the PS2 board, but it can be overlooked. Your call.

>within a few days
Getting to the Clones (for a capable player) shouldn't take too long *though the coverage would slow you down considerably*. Besting them though? Well, that's quite another story. And we don't credit their defeat unless recorded from start to finish. It's the one exception we insist on in the whole of the series. Understandably so (when you've faced them, you'll be in total agreement).

>half a year
Quite a long while. But then, it's practically the same for me being that I've played next to nothing in the way of vidya in that time frame.

User Info: Drunken_Snake

4 years ago#116
DmC has better combat system by far. And I don't really like DmC that much...

User Info: MrStarkiller

4 years ago#117
Drunk: >better by far
Would you saying you're on familiar terms to speak of GoW as such?

User Info: mmSNAKE

4 years ago#118
And yet I'm sensing the words that follow shall not quite reflect this. But, let's hope for the best. *reads on*

I'm not sure what's that supposed to mean. I said I was going to play it. Do I need to dance a jig or something too?

If it changes my mind (regarding how difficult I anticipate it is) in any way I'll admit it, however again I still stand by what i said about player imposed challenges (meaningless to compare).
Beatings will continue until morale improves!

User Info: MrStarkiller

4 years ago#119
>supposed to mean
Real time. Prior to reading on. I made it pretty apparent.

>dance a jig

So then, which run is it? VH is a certainty, but you didn't note if it was NUR, NUR+ or PAIN. Nor did you detail which board we'll work with (I'll be needing a topic to supply the run skeleton for).

>changes your mind
That's a given. We're talking 'Clones', son. It really is, truly and honestly, odd that you should not have an inkling of what you're in for. You did say you've played against them in vanilla and sampled challenge run conditions (didn't clearly note whether it was NUR or NUR+) for GoWII. I'd like to think that would be enough to visualize the issues, but SBK had to spell it out (which still won't be enough to fully frame it).

>meaningless to compare
And yet you'll note style ranks like they're any different. DmC is garbage. This is known. GoW is no slouch. This you'll learn. I'll see to that. Perhaps SBK will weigh in. Time will tell.

User Info: mmSNAKE

4 years ago#120
>dance a jig

That was a joke and reference to The Last Boyscout.

So then, which run is it? VH is a certainty, but you didn't note if it was NUR, NUR+ or PAIN. Nor did you detail which board we'll work with (I'll be needing a topic to supply the run skeleton for).

I'm gonna start with NUR+ on VH. I'll work up from there. You can pick the board. Just message me or post it here. Oh for GoW2 I did NUR+. It was quite difficult.
Beatings will continue until morale improves!
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