DmC must be a good game if it's in Top 3 in PS3 Board and not released yet

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User Info: Br3aking8ad

5 years ago#51
welcome to DmC: Devil May Cry playstation 3 forums.

please enjoy your stay and avoid the jabberwockey. All sales are final, and as advertised. If you do not like the final product, please destroy it as soon as possible because I really don't want to hear any more crying.

thank you and have a completely awesome and terrific stay here in the forums. Where everyone loves DmC: Devil May Cry

Warning: symptoms may include : head ache - inducing tantrums, mild nausea, fever, the chills, erectile dysfunction, loss of motor skills, bruising, mental scarring, blindness in left eye, splitting back and neck pains, sudden spasms in right eye, loss of speech abilities, ability to comprehend words or dialogue, stroke, heart palpitations, brain damage, and sudden complete permanent loss of appetite. Users prone to asthma attacks should seek medical help if experiencing any of these symptoms, especially erectile dysfunction.

User Info: Dragoon_Kail

5 years ago#52
The shear failure of this thread is quite entertaining, i knew it was a good sign when as soon as it was made the game plummeted down to #5
"This is good, isn't it?" .....*cries* it is good is good~! ; ;

User Info: CommandoHax

5 years ago#53
I bet all of you guys will love DmC once it comes out next year. I'm really digging the artwork in the demo so far :D

User Info: Strelok

5 years ago#54
The buzzing gets annoying.
Where is my can of Raid.
Goodbye Bubbles, dearest of pets. I'll miss you, always. 2nd June 2004 - 22nd August 2009

User Info: FireMage7777

5 years ago#55
Kilikan5670 posted...
FireMage7777 posted...
FNP88 posted...
FireMage7777 posted...
FNP88 posted...
Feel free to complain. Just pointing out how childish,pathetic, and pointless it is.

You're guilty of the same. Waaaah I'm going to complain about the complainers, hypocrite. This guy's a phony, he's a big fat phony!!!

You're right. You're the baby who wont stop crying, and i'm the dad complaining about how you wont shut up. Well i'm going to go to work, come home, get drunk, then F*** your mom.

And I care...why?

Because he's doing your mom! That's not nasty to you?!

It's how I was meh
This is a "boss"
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  3. DmC must be a good game if it's in Top 3 in PS3 Board and not released yet

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