Parrying: Face Enemies Or Not?

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User Info: Goldsickle

4 years ago#31
Phaild posted...
I know what you are getting at, but it's misleading, since it's irrelevant where your character is actually facing.

The same as what I rephrased about Bayonetta.

Compared to the former examples, the latter doesn't require you to tilt the analog stick or face your character towards the direction of the attack.
There is no such thing as a "Quick Time Event done right".
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User Info: EricDaNerd

4 years ago#32
some people seem to be confused about the parry so here's a short vid with some info attached.

Your attack has to meet the enemies attack. If you have a 360 degree attack then of course you don't need to face them. as long as your weapon touches the striking enemy's weapon then it's parry time.
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