DMC5 will exist and I'll use evidence & logic to back it

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User Info: myghostisdead

5 years ago#31
Vault_Zero posted...

Capcom also said that the new DMC would be catered towards fans. Yeah. Even if what you say is a possibility, who is going to make it?

Capcom isn't capable of making a chicken lay an egg.

I remember that quote. Ehhh....they say things either way. Throw out quotes and comments just trying to make a sale. Then again it is Capcom and their decisions are strange anyway.

Back to Tameem I do remember seeing him say AAA titles are ruining the industry. I found that odd since DmC is within that definition. But then, that falls within NT wanting to make DmC an exception instead of the rule so I dunno.

I don't get Gregaman's comment of it being an AU and a reboot. An AU doesn't need to be further defined with calling it a reboot.

Personally I think they are on a wait and see. I know I shouldn't bank on one comment more than another when it comes to Capcom but the comment from Leo Tan when asked if there would be a DMC5 he said "Lets see how this reboot does first."

I just feel this is their main focus right now but the option is always there for DMC5 but it is on the back burner.

User Info: FNP88

5 years ago#32
Taizuku posted...
FNP88 posted...
You know what i think would be cool....A mix of mega man legends and DMC, where the main character is Zero.....Just sayin....

Mundus has teamed up with Sigma. You must fight a new maverick! Vile Sparda!

It would be epic, you know you want it.

User Info: sillycatsteven

5 years ago#33
UnknownWin posted...
DMC5 official trailer by 2013. I can see it coming.

lol... it's probably an unlockable secret scene in DmC... or only included with pre-order DmC
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User Info: KA_ME_HA_ME_HA

5 years ago#34
I haven't read much of this topic, but I saw MML was mentioned. Has anyone else seen the fangame coming out where classic Megaman takes on the Bonnes? It look AMAZING!!!!!
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  3. DMC5 will exist and I'll use evidence & logic to back it

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