What difficulty do you plan on starting on?

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  3. What difficulty do you plan on starting on?

User Info: Kira0987

4 years ago#11
shatterstar posted...
Son of sparda. The enemy variety looks great in that mode. DMD after that of course.

You can't play Son of Sparda mode from the start. You have to play Nephilim mode (Hard Mode) or complete the game your first time around to unlock Son of Sparda mode.

darkslayer001 posted...
although the difficulty is easy...when i rent it im gonna go on devil hunter just to finish the game quickly...

If funny how you feel the need to let us know that you're renting it when we didn't even asked and the topic isn't even about that.

So who are you trying to convince...us or yourself?

Why the Hell are you attacking him? He responded to the TC's question and gave his reason. Why don't you calm down. Btw, lrn 2 type.
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User Info: pyro_bunta

4 years ago#12
Hey, shatter's back.
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  3. What difficulty do you plan on starting on?

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