The older DMCs are just not valid anymore.

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User Info: Strelok

5 years ago#221
Yeah, I noticed as much.
However I did kill her in the end it's just... urgh. I'm not going to do that again.
Persephone is definitely much *MUCH* worse than the clones. And this is including the ability to parry her death bolts of deadly death.
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User Info: Zetta-Honey-Boy

5 years ago#222

looks like anything that is currently "relevent", is pretty lame and bland.

OP, keep your relevency.

ill enjoy the good games like the original devil may cry and old style survival horror.

things that are "relevent" suck.
-choose death-

User Info: derrick112

5 years ago#223
(From TC in a RE 6 topic he created titled "Capcom needs to understand!")

JackJunk8 | Posted 11/17/2012 9:45:24 AM
None of their franchises will make the amount of money a call of duty game will make. They just need to stick to what they do and not sellout. I swear, from operation raccoon city to this, they are so stupid to think that they would ever reach anywhere near those sales and trying to copy crap from those games is pathetic.
Please, just cry

Oh yeah and all that talk about you doing studies..... BULLSH*T!!! You just made it up so you could try and prove your point.

User Info: MrStarkiller

5 years ago#224
Mage: >2hardcore4me
I know, bro. So you've given up at just the prospect then? Telling.

You'll lose with that method. There's an element or so you're missing. That's the fun of it. Have a go, why don't you? A taste of a proper challenge.

>midway point
There is no midway point to S2. It's you and her for 10-15 minutes.

As I've said. A casual. But it does not have to be this way. I can make something of you. Without me, you're only you, but it can be helped. Let's not delay further. GoW1 for the path to the Clones or CoO for Persephone? Or maybe you would like to work with the Tranny, ER, etc. in GoWII? HCB and Skorpius in GoWIII? GoS really only has nonsense with a few normal fights in certain challenge conditions. I'm sure you can dig it. For the fun of it, challenge the Geryon/Harpy fight (for more fun, do so without leaving a Harpy alive during the process of eliminating Geryons).

Strelok: >harder than the clones
Not even close. Persephone S2 in VH PAIN+ is second place, but a distant second to them in even VH NUR. Hell, H NUR is harder, I'd dare say. VH PAIN (no PAIN+ in GoW1) just makes things a bit meaner. The primary spike isn't from NER or the extra conditions in PAIN, but NUR itself (which, in GoW1, covers no counters and no rage conditions by default).

>not going to do that again
She's not so bad in vanilla conditions even on VH. You just have to get used to the pattern and with the damage of upgraded GoZ, you'll sail through her in no time (more so with CW MAX for extra damage in S2 between returns).

>including parry
No. S2 is exclusively a threat when 'no returns' factors, which is why she becomes troublesome in NBR+ (PAIN+ has the important part of that condition *no returns*).

~So MM went silent and Mage is vocalizing his intent to avoid challenges. What of you other boys? Any non-casuals around here?

User Info: Hunter1534

5 years ago#225
Use the damn quote option. Your messages look like a clusterf*** of letters. Now before you insult me, let me tell you that this message isn't supposed to sound hostile. If it does, then I apologize.

User Info: FireMage7777

5 years ago#226
Sorry I don't do stupid challenges that are tedious monotony. I leave those for inferior creatures
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User Info: Strelok

5 years ago#227
I tend not to play GoW with NUR. Just can't be bothered really. I liked playing GoW but I'm not *that* big a fan. I tend to call the games finished when I beat it on God Mode. I'm not that interested in finishing it with strange criteria as a DMC game, or Deus Ex or the likes (My best DX run ever was "No kills or knockouts". This means I had to glitch through a portion of the game, which was hard as hell to do)
Goodbye Bubbles, dearest of pets. I'll miss you, always. 2nd June 2004 - 22nd August 2009

User Info: Big_Boss1432

5 years ago#228
JackJunk8 posted...
This is a reboot, a clean slate to start with. For those of you who remember the old games, you are just living in the past.

People today hardly remember things from 5, 10 years ago, or if they arent old enough, dont even know about it.

For instance, I talked to a friend of mine who says he loves batman, but never saw the famous tim burton batman. He said he loves the nolan movies, I was about to ride his case about not seeing the classics, but then I realized, he just didnt know any better, why? because he just wasnt around for that era.

Tim Burton Batman came and gone and it will never come back. With Devil May Cry the same thing has happened. Slowly but surely people will just simply forget about the old dmcs or newer generations of gamers wont recall their existence. Only Nostalgia lives

We live in a new world of games where all we here about is Asscreed, borderlands, uncharted and Call of effing Duty. Tell me, how is this niche to survive the horror?

Tim Burtons batmans sucked. Nolans were way better haha
If this game wasn't gonna be sick; then I wouldn't be posting on this board, guy. Long story short.... THIS. GAME. IS. GONNA. BE. sick.

User Info: Pesmerga255

5 years ago#229

Tim Burtons batmans sucked. Nolans were way better haha

lol no. The Dark Knight was good, but the other two are overrated crap.

User Info: knuxnole

5 years ago#230
Most people today know NOTHING about video games before the year 2001/2002.

People in here are acting like everyone here is in their late 20s/30s. The VAST majority of gamers are teens and college peeps.
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