The older DMCs are just not valid anymore.

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User Info: FireMage7777

4 years ago#291
*yawns* When you start calling God Of War by its actual initialization, I might start taking you seriously...until then you're a joke to me Galen Marek
PSN: FireMage777
Trophy level: 17 and 38%

User Info: MrStarkiller

4 years ago#292
>no user named
You implying some manner of relevance to this, boy? Insults don't even have to be on forum users to violate the terms. You should know this.

>text-based emoticon
*brick slap*
You forced my hand. It was for your own good. I've asked before. I'll ask again. Where and when do you think we are conversing, son? This isn't your blog in 2006.

>doesn't count

>Blades only
Then PAIN/PAIN+ it is. You heard our ward, gents. He elects to make the leap as Hotel once did.

>using guns in Dead Space
Absolutely disgusting. Would not advise. Do you even melee, son? TK and Stasis all day, every day.

NOTE: Surely you only refer to it as such in the first entry.

>to this guy
>cites a guy who credits me
>doesn't understand what he is seeing at all
Not too surprising given how new you are to all this. With time, you'll look back on your words and laugh with us. Or cringe. Or both. Not uncommon for one to be put off by the words/actions of a past self. You'll just be accelerating the process with our aid.

>to you
In the appropriate conditions.

You some manner of 16-year-old-girl? This isn't a social networking site, chap.

>not initialism
Oh, you.

Hotel: You going to teach the boy the ways of MegaMan? How generous.

Just so. In time, he can be taught how to play properly. He need only step up to the plate. I sense his fear and pride have him trapped in a no-win condition. Perhaps he doubts our sincerity with the offers presented?

>haven't even attempted it
It's also curious that he wouldn't at least think to, on his own, do a NUR to spice up VH. It practically begs for it on all fours like a harlot. Maybe he disagrees with Mr. Ernst's assessment? How about it, Mage?

>survive longer
Too right. With high Power %, all options, etc., you won't get much of a challenge out of a no damage run. Foes die before they get a chance to become a threat. Shin and Taz understood this. I don't see why the boy doesn't get it.

>becoming what one detests
I get this a lot (as you've seen). A natural result of a strong character, I suppose. Against their best wishes, they find themselves modeling their presentation to match my own.

SBK: >aren't action games
You would assume correctly in that they aren't of the same sort.

>why not record it
Why, indeed.

>scared of the Clones
No shame in it. Just shame in avoiding them altogether. Being too scared to even dip a toe in the water? Ridiculous.

>terms violation
True, true.

>doubt it
Not an unreasonable doubt given that the vanilla strategy for the fight hinges on abusing them getting harmed while not letting yourself take damage from the Clones. This aside, he merely notes vanilla VH. Something to thumb one's nose at, to be sure.

There's also the matter of being pretty well instant killed if you don't avoid damage in higher level runs against some attacks. Forced 'no damage' conditions as such.

>every time
Take notes, lads. This is an absolute used correctly.

>you'd think
And yet, here we are. Perhaps the boy merely jests?

>actually tried it
I'm beginning to doubt our current contestant can even reach them. With our guidance it is quite doable, but he seems to lack that certain something needed to confront and overcome challenges. Much like casuals.

Turtle: >MegaMan bosses
MegaMan making Third-Person Action Hack-and-Slash games these days? I thought I heard it was a dead franchise.

Hax: >starting the genre
I don't know about all that, but it was certainly very influential.

Did well despite the horrible recycling antics. Pity about all that, yes?

User Info: KA_ME_HA_ME_HA

4 years ago#293
Wait, why are you responding to me? I was just clearing it up since he didn't know Sting or Infinity.

And it's starting to look like he isn't dead. At least we get an official fan game that looks awesome. SFxMM looks really fun.

User Info: MrStarkiller

4 years ago#294
Why not?

>official fan game
Curious wording.

The magic word, yes?:

User Info: KA_ME_HA_ME_HA

4 years ago#295
MrStarkiller posted...
Why not?

>official fan game
Curious wording.

The magic word, yes?:

Yeah, it's kind of unusual. A fan (I think a famous SF player) approached them and gave them the basic version of it at an event. They loved it and it turned into a collab. It's a free PC game coming out on Dec. 17th. Basically it was a fan game that they liked so much that they made it an official game.

User Info: MrStarkiller

4 years ago#296
>turned into a collab
A strange tale indeed. I shall be interested to see how it pans out. I imagine Hotel will feel the same.

NOTE: Think Mage will ever man up to some challenge runs or do you estimate he'll continue to squirm? I'm getting the feeling it will be the latter. We get a lot of such cases for the few that do take us up and rise to the occasion.

User Info: SBK91

4 years ago#297
I see no user named Galen Marek

You hearing voices again?

That doesn't count as damage against the player.

So now you're changing what no damage constitutes? Also, the condition itself is impossible given healing the family damages us.

Also, I greatly question your claim of getting through Skorp without damage.

I'm a Blades only guy...because its like the Plasma Cutter in Dead Space...the best weapon in the game


Say that to this guy

He's not just using Plume and grabs either, and he's the best GoW player. Point?

Those are difficult to you?

Under PAIN+ conditions? You better believe it. I guess you wouldn't know that though.

Their attacks come from a mile away

Like Geryon's teleport?

You may take your leave now

"But, Your Honor, I'm not done."-Harvey Dent

Babby's First Game (E), DSP (N), Glorified Normal (H), Untested (Very Hard). Thoughts?

Easy and Normal should be switched.


I want a death collection video on that one.

When you start calling God Of War by its actual initialization,

God of War came first.

Perhaps the boy merely jests?

He did say no damage Clones was easier than NUR+.

User Info: MrStarkiller

4 years ago#298
>healing damages us
Too right.

>question of Skorpius
Then the boy will just have to provide run coverage. Not much of a tall order. How about it, Dark Magician Girl?

Hmmm, yes.

>the best
Has my vote of confidence.

>wouldn't know
All in good time.

>should be switched
Yeah, maybe so.

>death collection video
Faces of Death, you say?

>came first
First draft pick going to "GoW". You've got to love it.

>he did say
This is true. He did say this. I just suspect he knows not what he says. It's not an unusual case, really. We get plenty of these.
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