Is this game the next ninja gaiden 3?

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  3. Is this game the next ninja gaiden 3?

User Info: Dark_Epathy

4 years ago#31
Haven't played NG3, Can't wait for the Sigma 3 version next year. Yes it's been confirmed.

Yes! I'm with you, dude! Waiting paid off!
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User Info: megamatics

4 years ago#32
It will probably be the Next RE6...Drop 20 dollars in price not even 3 months after release, boring, lacking uniqueness, tacked on game modes, downright lazy story, and poor character development.
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User Info: DuuuDe14

4 years ago#33
AhrimanTheStill posted...
DuuuDe14 posted...
Dante>Ryu Hayabusa

No just no. Both were amazing in their own ways. DMC3 and DMC4 Dante and Ninja Gaiden Black Ryu are hands down two of the best action game characters ever made maybe Ninja Gaiden 2 Ryu also. Lets not spoil that love with foolish fanboyism.

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User Info: Texnophile

4 years ago#34
No. Ninja Gaiden 3 was merely an insult to the fans of the series. DmC is an insult to the intelligence of all gamers.
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  3. Is this game the next ninja gaiden 3?

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