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User Info: SiLVeR_420

4 years ago#21
m100t8s posted...
What I like about you guys.. Is that you never make sense.

How the hell could Capcom pay for every website and magazine (IGN,GameSpot,Official PlayStation Magazine Official PlayStation Magazine,EDGE....) Just to make them say they liked the game? Why the hell Capcom didn't pay for them to give RE6 some good reviews?? RE is more popular than SF,DMC,MML.. Hell it's even more popular than the real survival horror games :/. Why Capcom didn't pay to make them say that RE6 is a good game?

Also what do you guys think after RE6 sold over 5 million copies? It sold 5 million damn copies with the negative reviews about the game. It still succeed.

Now what do you expect from DmC after it gets positive reviews when it comes out? I think it will sale more than 2 million copies. This game will succeed whether you admit it or not.

RE6 got more positive reviews then negative reviews.

Besides Resident Evil can sell on its name alone.
Gamertag- youngSiLVeRstar
Forgive the name.

User Info: Aiddon

4 years ago#22
Billysan posted...
Wow Antoniades actually shaved his head. He most of gotten sick of everyone comparing him to Dante.

His hair sucked anyway; he looked like an old man trying to prove he was still "hip" or "punk"

User Info: Psychochild27

4 years ago#23
Confirmed to be 20 missions long(last page).......how the hell is 20 missions 15 hours when in DMC4 it was 23(I think) and lasted only 8-9 hours?

DMC4 was 20 missions. DMC1 had 23 or so.

It's better than the bad platforming in previous games.
The platforming is practically the same as when you had to constantly use Devil Trigger to get up an elevator-like shaft or across a gap.
There wasn't really much platforming in the previous DMCs except for the occasional time in 3

Exactly. No one will praise DMC's platforming. People play it for the combat and skip missions where platforming or gameplay elements really get in the way of that. DmC so far has a LOT of platforming going on that's infinitely less frustrating as it's so easy, but it's also much worse because there's so much of it in all the media we've seen.

I won't even touch DMC3's mission 10 because of the stupid block puzzle where you need to mash Rebellion forever to push a block into a slot, what makes you think I'll endure a stage which has three drawn-out mandatory Limbo sequences where you can't actually do anything interesting with Dante's mechanics?

User Info: Pesmerga255

4 years ago#24
NT only put the platforming in because they can't do anything else. They got the combat pretty wrong.
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