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User Info: QCTeamkill

5 years ago#1
My buddy only pre-orders by amazon. I told him about the free DLC at gamestop and I went to check if it was mentioned somewhere on Amazon.

I noticed the Amazon best seller rank in the details fo DmC. rank #1300s in video games.
I though 1300s seems pretty bad, I'm going to compare later tonight, which I just did!

Amazon best sellers PS3
1189 Mar 12 GOW
1352 Jan 15 DmC
1320 Mar 26 BioShock infinite
1433 Mar 5 Tomb Raider
2114 Feb 19 MGR

VGChartz USA preorders
3 BioShock Infinite (PS3)
5 God of War: Ascension (PS3)
12 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (PS3)
XX Tomb Raider Xbox is there but no PS3

I wouldn't bet by savings on it (Vegas would love that) and the sample is rather thin.
DmC DOESN'T offer Vergil DLC with amazon which most probably lower its pre-order rank...
DmC is the only game of those being released in Jan, I guess the closer you are to release the most pre-orders you get.

My conclusion... it should be within top 10 if it was showing on VGchartz. I can already forget the idea of an effortless top tier score on the leaderboards, as I did in NG3.
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  3. Amazon best seller rank VS vgchartz

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