Worst DMC quotes to say during Sex

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User Info: oORyuumaruOo

4 years ago#31
"Woo wohoo, wooOO hahaaaa, woo wohoO WOO!! Too easy..."
PSN: MrSeizo
"Who's the toilette man now?"

User Info: ShadowZero007

4 years ago#32
Hisahide posted...
"Nature calls? It's in the back"

I miss that Dante, he really would've been better if Reuben voiced him as well. 3 Dante was fun for a bit, but after a while he was...kinda meh. 4 was just weird, considering how he was in 1 and the anime.

Yeah that was my favorite iteration of Dante too :p
Bu you know 3 was popular so they just ran with it.
In my restless dreams I see that town...

User Info: caffiend7

4 years ago#33
Why won't you give me strength? AM I NOT WORTHY?!
"Man its like MGR:R is that hot girl you want to talk to at the party but can't.. and DmC is that drunk girl that won't leave you alone"-Dominus_1

User Info: leet_x1337

4 years ago#34
Glad I got your attention. I was beginning to feel a little ignored.
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User Info: IAmMC2

4 years ago#35
While they are screaming out your name.
"My name by the way? IS DANTE! But you can call me Dante the demon killer, has a nice ring to it, don't you think?"
Rage kicked by DarkfflareEX in P4A for beating his ass. Like a bawse.
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User Info: antking61

4 years ago#36
You disgusting f*** child!
Hoo Haa!!! I has Signature!!!

User Info: ShadowZero007

4 years ago#37
antking61 posted...
You disgusting f*** child!

I think you win.
In my restless dreams I see that town...

User Info: Carbuncle009

4 years ago#38
Smells like sick
Can I put my Onix in your Cloyster? Yes: 4 No: 3 Maybe: 2
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User Info: ShiShiHaato

4 years ago#39
"Your father was a handsome devil, but you're no slouch yourself."

User Info: UbberDevil

4 years ago#40
Q- if Satan is the prince of darkness, who's the king?
A- UbberDevil, and Sparda is my Queen. GT: MongooseDave2
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