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User Info: Pesmerga255

4 years ago#41
Junk and shatter are the best users on the board. They provide hours of entertainment!

User Info: Hunter1534

4 years ago#42
Comparable to chimps throwing feces at one another.
(message deleted)

User Info: God_of_Magic

4 years ago#44
28 years old:

Played the first when I was a teen. I think the new one looks okay right now.
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User Info: warhead333

4 years ago#45
I'm 32. Started with the first back when it was new. The old Dante is one of my favorite characters in gaming and I hope to see him again someday, but I like where they've gone with the new one as well.

You young whipper-snappers think you know every damn thing. Get off my lawn.

User Info: NeoTStyle

4 years ago#46
I'm 18. I played DMC3 when I was 11 and except for DMC2 I have played them all since.

DmC is an utter disgrace to the series and videogames in general.

There, your argument is invalid.

User Info: sillycatsteven

4 years ago#47
Teriku posted...
Seriously, you've been with DMC since its First came out.

Its obvious that, you're not DmC's target consumers anymore.

I played DMC 3 when I was 13, now i'm 20. And I don't think the new DmC is that bad.

If you have any complaints, post your age first. You'll see that everyone whos complaining about the game are just immature 30 year olds who are trying to bring old DMC down with them to the grave.

well... the funny thing is... eventually you'll look back at yourself and realized how stupid this topic is..... i hope....
and the fact that you'll eventually be old as well. so you'd have something to look forward to. maybe you should start writing a txt or message of facebook to your future self, telling your future self how stupid and immature you are going to be and warn yourself not to do the same when you are older...
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User Info: KA_ME_HA_ME_HA

4 years ago#48
I'm 18. I played all the old ones when I was around 13 or so (maybe younger for the first one >_>).

I loved them to death, DMC2 I even didn't mind when it came out. I thought it was bad, but I didn't outright hate it.

I wouldn't say I hate this game itself, but what it potentially means. It's an okay game on it's own, one that I could have considered getting under a different name. The fact that it has the DMC name on it coupled with the fact that it might replace the old ones makes it completely unbearable to me though. The unbelievable hyping by the media also ruined it quite a bit.

User Info: hyjinx17

4 years ago#49
21 everything about new dmc is bad, may rent it to see if it grows on me, but I doubt it at this point. It's not that I don't like that it's like the old dlc, but based on videos and the demo, its just a bad game
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User Info: Dersu_Uzala

4 years ago#50
I only started playing the DMC games in 2010 and I can see through the TC's BS clear as day.
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