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User Info: Ether101

4 years ago#81
I'm 28.
Gamers have lost their pride.
Complacency can be a sin.
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User Info: Detha

4 years ago#83
i3 2130 @ 3.4 GHz | Taneem Xtreme 8gb @ 1600 MHz | GTX 460 (768mb) @ 855 MHz / 2000 MHz
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User Info: SilentS89

4 years ago#85
Pesmerga255 posted...
Video_Game_Czar posted...
One of the worst topics and this board...and thats saying alot.

I'd say that it's on around the same level as one of JackJunk or Fabulous' topics.

I'd say that this topic is on par with such gems as

"Name 1 thing that was technically demanding or required thought in the DMCseries"
"Is DmC Mundus sexually attracted to men? (no troll)"
"Why do you look down upon people who havent played the old DMCs?"
"DmC and Shakespeare."
"If this game had 60 fps and a lock-on that would mean that everyone really is"

This topic has reached this level.

Bloodmoon77 posted...
TC has a point and if you can't see it then you're obviously blind. You'd love the new Dante if you were younger, just like you loved the old Dante when you were younger. That's why it's so hard to accept the change. I love both equally.

So your argument is that people would love Donte if they are unaware how much better Dante is?

User Info: WayWardFelix

4 years ago#86
Teriku posted...
Seriously, you've been with DMC since its First came out.

Its obvious that, you're not DmC's target consumers anymore.

I played DMC 3 when I was 13, now i'm 20. And I don't think the new DmC is that bad.

If you have any complaints, post your age first. You'll see that everyone whos complaining about the game are just immature 30 year olds who are trying to bring old DMC down with them to the grave.

I'm 19 (._. )
I like this sig (._. )

User Info: Strelok

4 years ago#87
28. Not even 30.
I hate this game because it has a chance to kill off any future DMC titles. For a DMC game it is not steps, but LEAPS back in just about every aspect in the gameplay department.
If they made this a completely new IP I honestly wouldn't care about it at all, do well or bombing. I'm no fan of NTs products, they outright fail at a games most important thing, the gameplay. Yes, this is their best game (from what I played on the demo anyway). THis does NOT make it a good DMC game, or hell, even worthy to carry the DMC title!

Had this game be named Angel Smashes Demon Machine or whatever, I honestly would not have cared.
But right now we do not know if the original franchise will return. Hell, it might even be that they will just continue with this... hollowed out shell... of the original franchise.

I've been here before. Shadowrun for the 360.
Announcement: I bought a 360. Along with a lot of other Shadowrun fans. And... then the game was announced a multiplayer only shooter. I thought "Ok... I guess it could still work, Deus Ex 1 had some good multiplayer." A lot of fans were upset already.
Then the dev journals came online, along with what they did to the setting.
Insults to the franchise (One of the devs outright called it "dumb, imagine Frodo Baggings with a cybernetic arm". Guess who never read through a single page of a rulebook or novel?), insults to the fans (Mitch outright said that "those fans should STFU, we're doing whatever we want, and they can't change that"), etc.
The lore of the game was completely disregarded. Elves suddenly regain health, Dwarves for some reason leech mana/magic out of the environment, there are anti magic grenades (which is impossible unless you can make grenades that possess all the trauma from a WW2 prisoncamp or something), creating trees of healing (impossible), resurrection (impossible), teleportation (impossible), trolls turn to stone when shot (they don't), wired reflexes only providing a speed increase at the cost of health and allowing you to block bullets (It doesn't do that), no Orks, Megacorps banding together to defeat a guerilla group (As if Imagine Apple and Microsoft working together and now give MS and Ap a hundred times their wealth, private armies and let them run countries... ONE of these corps could take them down, now there are 3 of them... oh and one doesn't even exist yet in the timeline!), Strangle creates crystals that suck essence and health (impossible), weapons not carrying Shadowrun brand names (why the hell not?), Smartlink for some reason adding lasers to your eyes (It doesn't do that), timeline FUBAR'd...

Now the game itself was reasonable. Not great, and WAY overpriced at launch and had some really bad netcoding that was patched in 2 weeks.

However, the fans being insulted constantly, plus the severe changes to the franchise so that it was unrecognizable, along with a release shortly before Halo 3 and a ridiculous pricetag (60 USD for a multiplayer only shooter with 13 maps...) ensured the game bombed. The fans were alienated and the shooter fans were "What? No thanks, I'll wait for more complete games, cheaper games or Halo 3". It ensured that nobody dared to touch the franchise again, until Weisman (one of the original creators) bought it and is currently making Shadowrun Returns, a more classic RPG which was met with roars of approval.
Goodbye Bubbles, dearest of pets. I'll miss you, always. 2nd June 2004 - 22nd August 2009

User Info: SilentS89

4 years ago#88
Strelok posted...
Excellent post

That post is really showing your age.

But Strelok, Shadowrun 360 was 5 years ago. We have to disregard it because it isn't socially relevant. I mean, learning from the past? That's crazy talk.

I mean how could alienating the fanbase and insulting them NOT result in good sales?

User Info: sillycatsteven

4 years ago#89
Bloodmoon77 posted...
TC has a point and if you can't see it then you're obviously blind. You'd love the new Dante if you were younger, just like you loved the old Dante when you were younger. That's why it's so hard to accept the change. I love both equally.

yes... similar things to Twilight vampires vs. main-stream vampires too....
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User Info: jakerscythe

4 years ago#90
I love it that TC thinks 30 is OLD.
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