Is Devil May Cry 5 been made?

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User Info: KaijinSurohm

4 years ago#31
When I went into Gamestop, the people there hounded the hell out of me to buy Dragon's Dogma, by claiming that it was Skyrim meets Devil May Cry.

Upon playing the demo, it turned out the game was purely Skyrim, meets Dark Souls, meets Shadow of the Colossus, meets Dungeons and Dragons.

Being as how I'm one of the few people on this planet that hated Skyrim (with a burning passion), I was already put off by the Skyrim name drop, but then find out all of these other features were slammed in, with a very poor character creation for you and your partner characters.

Needless to say, I didn't like Dragon's Dogma.

(Key note: I don't like Skyrim, Dark Souls, or half the D&D games out there)

So I've been quite disappointed with Capcom and their creative decisions lately. The last thing they pumped out, that I liked, was RE6 (Yes, I liked just about everything about this game. Don't bother hating me over it, you'll waste your time.)
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User Info: Shengali

4 years ago#32
^You're not the only one. But I just hate Bethesda and everything they touch... Still haven't actually touched DD. I would say I was going through my "boycotting Cashcom" phase, but I think around that time I bought Asura's Wrath... Eh well, just haven't gotten around to it ;)

User Info: antking61

4 years ago#33
Kyrylo posted...
I played both games. So it's my view after playing both. Capcom tried to copy success of Dark Souls, because of lack of the new ideas.

It felt more like it was trying to show Skyrim how combat in an open world is supposed to be handled. It felt nothing like Dark Souls in gameplay, mood, music...Hell it didn't even have the same look as DS.
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