Conflicted about this game...

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User Info: Kyrylo

4 years ago#21
Milox3 posted...
I had no desire to play the game until I played the demo, I kind of digged the system and liked it. But the dialogue was terrible, I mean the game is supposed to be M right? But the audience they are targeting seems to be 13 year olds. It was really really bad, I didn't end up minding the Dante redesign as much as the things he said.

That's one of my issues with the game...

The other one is, after buying RE6 at launch and now seeing at $29, it does make me feel like I should just wait a few and let the game drop. Capcom has been letting me down so much lately that I'm unsure if even support them.

Seriously: buy it used. You spare money, get game and spare amount of rage. It is how I feel about this game. For me combat is ok, backgrounds are awesome, but story/characters are terribly written. AKA I gonna buy it used.

User Info: Doom_Infinite

4 years ago#22
My hunch is the game will sell well in Europe, moderate sales in North America, and poor sales in Japan and most of Asia.
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User Info: JELIFISH19

4 years ago#23
It's not like previous entries in the series ever sold well in Japan. Most sales came from America and Europe.
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User Info: EntropyZero

4 years ago#24
Buy is used then.
No need for a day 1 buy if you dont really like the demo.

Or just trade in games you dont play anymore and save money.
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  3. Conflicted about this game...

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