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User Info: Japanese_Jade

4 years ago#1
What are you playing at this moment? I'm curious what you guys are playing now since you're into DmC/DMC. Anti, pro, don't matter. Discuss!

Currently playing: Bastion, FEZ, and just finished Dragon's Dogma 100% in achievements yesterday.

Oh, and Happy New Year. :)
The internet was made specifically for you...LOL...I lied.

User Info: Jiyuu Falcon

Jiyuu Falcon
4 years ago#2
Soul Nomad. It has rape and child-killing. It's grittier than DmC.

User Info: DarkSymbiote

4 years ago#3
Forza Horizon. Bad soundtrack.
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User Info: Pesmerga255

4 years ago#4
I tend to switch between several games on different systems. Here are the games I'm focusing on.

PS3: Yakuza 4, Zone of the Enders 2 HD, Tales of Xillia, DMC3, Sonic Generations, Red Dead Redemption
PS2: SRW Alpha 3, Tales of the Abyss, Kingdom Hearts 2 FM+, SRW OG Gaiden
PSX: FFIX, Xenogears, Chrono Cross, Resident Evil: DC
PSP: SD Gundam G Generation Overworld, Crisis Core: FFVII, Dissidia 012
DS: SRW W, Phoenix Wright series, Sonic Colours, Pokemon White 2

User Info: DanteAwakenin

4 years ago#5
Hitman Absolution, I paid 29.99$ and got it from the PSN store =D
It's good game, not better than Blood Money, But it still fun though.
"Looks like this is gonna be one hell of a parteyh!" ~ Dante

User Info: HellFire-Bahamu

4 years ago#6
Juggling Far Cry 3, Assassin's Creed 3 (at the end of the game. Just doing Homestead and side missions), and Hitman Absolution.
Whenever I'm out and about in the world, I'm playin' FF: 4 Heroes of Light, since there's really nothing on 3DS that I really want to play right now :/

User Info: DiaNim

4 years ago#7
Mostly SRT OG: Endless Frontier. Battle Cats on my iPhone if I can't get to my handhelds or my consoles.
Currently reading: "The Godfather"
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User Info: Phaild

4 years ago#8
Metal Gear Solid 2 on Extreme and Metal Gear Rising.
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User Info: Detha

4 years ago#9
I played a bit of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit tonight, a bit of Devil May Cry 4, some Bioshock, and some APB: Reloaded.
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User Info: Xaldin0011

4 years ago#10
Jiyuu Falcon posted...
Soul Nomad. It has rape and child-killing. It's grittier than DmC.

**** yeah Soul Nomad.

I dunno if you count making a game with RPG Maker VX, but that's currently what I'm doing. I switch to my 3DS to play Pokemon: Conquest every now and then though.
"Xaldin is a prophet." - lamerhater
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