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User Info: Psychofang12001

4 years ago#31
Naughty bear gold edition with gf ironically lol

User Info: HellFire-Bahamu

4 years ago#32
Pesmerga255 posted...
LordMe posted...
My cousin borrowed DMC4, and a friend borrowed DMC:HD so I have NO DMC games right now.

So I have been playing ASBR and watching random anime. (Guilty Crown, about to start Fate/Both of them)

Is Guilty Crown decent? I've been looking for a new action series to watch.

It's very pretty and animation-wise, it's great.
The story gets pretty meh after a while, but it does have some pretty good parts.
I enjoyed it overall, but there's no way you can walk away from the experience and say the story isn't flawed.

User Info: LordOfCinder

4 years ago#33
Mass Effect Trilogy on the PS3. Probably gonna finish Mass Effect 1 by the weekend.

I've also started playing Morrowind on my crappy PC not long ago. But that came to a halt when Mass Effect arrived in my mail box. Probably gonna get back to that whenever I'm done with ME.

User Info: Wandawaisu

4 years ago#34
Dragon's Dogma.
PSN: Wandawaisu
Pawn: Misa Misa (Lvl. 125, Ranger)

User Info: Fleishhacher

4 years ago#35
Sleeping Dogs, much better than i thought

User Info: ZeroX91

4 years ago#36
AC Liberation, P4 Golden, MGS collection, DMC HD collection, PSASBR, Don't Starve, WoW (again...*sigh*), and Monmusu Quest! (....Yup....)
Official Pyro Jack of the SMT IV board.

User Info: KeJo6

4 years ago#37
Soulcalibur V, Tekken Tag 2, REmake, RE0

Trying to power through RE6, but it's RE6
Do not delude yourself, wretched fool!
PSN: KeJo13

User Info: chaotix247

4 years ago#38
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas at the moment on PS3 but I alter between BO2, DMCHD, and now Most Wanted NFS.
I am so DAMN pissed at Capcom yet I shell out money like an idiot anyway.
Currently Playing - RE6, Black Ops 2, RE4, DMCHD, RECVX

User Info: Mutou_Kazuki

4 years ago#39
Does the PSN version of San Andreas run well? I might get it at some point if it does.

It better not have any save bugs or annoying flickering like Persona 3 FES does!

User Info: TearsfoUniverse

4 years ago#40
Mark of the Ninja, FTL, and Far Cry 3 for xbox
Can't keep a good man down
Proud member of the MechWarrior Online Beta
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