People keep saying this would be better off as a new IP

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  3. People keep saying this would be better off as a new IP

User Info: Xtreme65

4 years ago#1
I disagree. While it does feel very different from a normal DMC game, there are still hints of DMC in this title. If this was a new IP it would be viewed as a bigger DMC rip off than GoW or Bayonetta. (to be fair Bayo was made by the original DMC guy)

For example lets assume the following.

Okay so theres this game called Satanic Conspiracy where you play a half angel half demon hybrid known as Dino. Dino finds he has a twin brother named Nick who is leader of the Order trying to overthrow Satan who is running the city. Satan is also responsible for killing their mother and has currently imprisoned their father.

Okay so right there. Hybrid creature who has a twin brother, whose parents have been screwed by a demon lord. Seems oddly familiar. The only thing unclear is why he is trying to bring down the demon lord, is it for revenge? is it cause its a nice thing to do? or is it simply cuz the demon lord is out to get him and he wants to be left alone? Funny thing is old Dante was motivated by all the above reasons at one point or another. (cept for maybe the last one but that can be argued.) The only different theme here is demons are taking over the government where as before they were just creatures running around on a rampage. Also the older DMC's explored humans being more evil than demons. (Arkham and Sanctus)

Okay so gameplay:

Dino has guns and a sword as his standard weapons mixing swordplay and gun play, for example he can uppercut enemies with a sword and keep the enemy lifted up in the air by shooting him with bullets. Later he gains more weapons which he can switch between freely in the middle of a combo and he strives to build a combo meter up so he can earn a huge reward of demonic orbs when slaying an enemy, it also goes to help his overall mission rank at the end of a mission. At some early point of the game he will acquire an ability to slowdown time and all his attacks do more damage and regens health while it is active.

With the exception of how DT works everything else is core DMC mechanics. Controls maybe different but certain franchises do that in order to experiment and provide the players with optimal controls. The weapon changing for example does feel like HS but apparently Angel and Demon modes also provide different traversal as well as different grapples so using the HS controls was probably the best thing they could come up with so we can have access to all these options. They also managed to make launching easier to pull off and having two airial attack at the same time with the circle button. Evading is also much easier though I do question why two buttons are used to evade. My point is though the controls are mapped differently the core DMC hack and slash gameplay is still there. Heck I know people that map controls WAY differently than me in DMC4 but we are obviously playing the same game.

As such if this were a new IP it would be criticized for being the biggest ripoff in gaming history, border lining on down right plagersim. (spelling)
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User Info: FireMage7777

4 years ago#2
Darksiders is the ultimate ripoff series
It's sad that the best thing to come out of Capcom recently is a fan made game
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User Info: ShadowZero007

4 years ago#3
I agree TC,
It may not be outright DMC (And it never was expected to be imo; I'm treating DmC as what it is; not what I wanted it to be) but there is still too much DMC in it for it to really be anything else.
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User Info: JELIFISH19

4 years ago#4
It would be a step under Dante's Inferno. The biggest flaw people saw in that was that it's too much like God of War. I wouldn't compare it to Darksiders though since that its cloneness isn't as apparent. You actually need to play it to see it.
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User Info: Ether101

4 years ago#5
But the problem here is that its already be considered the biggest ripoff in gaming history, border lining on down right plagiarism.
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User Info: lokithefool

4 years ago#6
It almost maintains nothing from the original series, so I think it would have done much better as a new franchise.

User Info: DanteAwakenin

4 years ago#7
BS, It's true that people will call it a DMC rip-off if it was a new IP and I would be one of those people who call it a rip-off tbh.

But I'll admit it if this game was a DMC rip-off and being published by Capcom and Itsuno (DMC3-4 director) helping Ninja Theory. I wouldn't mind it that much and hate it because it tries to look like DMC! In fact it will look interesting and I'll be supporting it.

User Info: TheOriginalMax

4 years ago#8
Xtreme65 posted...
While it does feel very different from a normal DMC game, there are still hints of DMC in this title. If this was a new IP it would be viewed as a bigger DMC rip off than GoW or Bayonetta.

Here's the thing, it doesn't have to be a demon hybrid. It doesn't have to be Mundus, Sparda, Vergil, Dante, Rebellion, Ebony & Ivory, Yamato, Devil Trigger, Stinger, Rain Storm, etc etc etc. It doesn't have to have anything to do with DMC.

They could have made up new mechanics so it's not so similar(not that DMC is the only HnS to have on-the-fly weapon switching btw). You're basing your whole point off of what DmC is currently without looking at the possibility of it being completely different story- and gameplay-wise to the DMC universe. There's absolutely nothing in this game's lore, characters, world, and gameplay(except some moves like Stinger and Helm Breaker) that screams "this is only for DMC!", it's all different and it's all a reimagining. This game could have just as easily had different names for all the characters and weapons, different relations, different weapons(not that they scream "DMC" to begin with), different gameplay(moves for instance), and we would have a completely different game. You cannot base such a point only on what we have currently. It's false [something, can't remember what the term is called] to base your point around an already established game as the pivot point of your argument. It could have been completely different, they just wanted to reboot DMC for whatever greedy reasons. Bayonetta isn't a DMC ripoff, it's similar but it's its own game and universe. There's absolutely zero reasoning behind the same not being possible with DmC. Almost all of this s*** could have been avoided with a new IP.

tl;dr: Just NO. Ok? There is no reason why this game couldn't have been its completely own, unique type of game without having any DMC references. The whole point revolves around what it is currently, which means you aren't considering alternative solutions. There's always a choice, and I'm sorry but your point doesn't really hold water.
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User Info: SilentS89

4 years ago#9
This could EASILY be a new ip. DmC ALREADY feels like it is a new IP that they shoehorned Devil May Cry elements into.

bad guys secretly control the world through a drugged soda and debt. Fox news is literally evil. Only Anonymous can stand up to the secret conspiracy of evil bankers.

Does that sound like Devil May Cry to you? Seriously people. Ninja Theory didn't make a Devil May Cry game, they made a socially relevant game of "They Live"1 and shoehorned Devil May Cry elements into it to appease Capcom.


User Info: ShadowZero007

4 years ago#10
Change the ENTIRETY of the lore (minus the angel bit) that establishes the new plot line as well as several other plot points that are still the same and remove like half the moveset and take away like a third of it's arsenal and it's NOTHING like DMC.
In my restless dreams I see that town...
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