So antis why are you here?

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  3. So antis why are you here?

User Info: hoagie727

4 years ago#41

Nice Kaijin


User Info: happynoodleboy7

4 years ago#42
Because this topic showed up on the popular topics list on the front page, and I pretty much always look at those topics when I come by the site.
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User Info: CaseyLynchisHot

4 years ago#43
As an anti, I mostly come here to pass time and see what levels other antis or pros can stoop too. Its pretty funny in a twisted way.
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User Info: Y2JUzumaki

4 years ago#44
Because I just want to watch the world burn. ^_^

User Info: Detha

4 years ago#45
Most of the pro's topics and posts are made in argument of the anti's opinions, you damnable hypocrites.

I'm pro, but I think everything about this game is terrible. So terrible, that it's provided for many hours of entertaining verbal exchange. I don't quite buy the speculative repercussions for the franchise following the retail successes (or failures) of this game, so I support it as a new experience I can fiddle with in the meantime, until a proper Devil May Cry game (or improved DmC game) is released.

I think everyone is here for the same reason - to share our opinions and have fun.
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  3. So antis why are you here?

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