So good action game, and a bad DMC game...

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User Info: Endless_Night

4 years ago#11
It's a really normal action game. If this game came out last gen, it would be quite a sensation. However, ever since GoW set the lowest standard for casual action game, this is really mediocre at best. I would even go as far as to say it barely hit the minimum requirement to be an action game.
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User Info: pigboy

4 years ago#12
megamatics posted...
It's a game without it's own identity. Pretty much generic run of the mill stuff. it's plot seems to be directly ripped from the matrix with the whole "Humanity needs to be saved and we're the secret organization that can see reality to save them". The unskippable cutscenes will kill any second playthrough on a harder difficulty (even if it still is relatively easy to beat). I'm not even sure how anyone will even remember this game after 6 months. I'm sure most DMC fans either remember 1 or 2 big things about the previous games, even DMC2 and it's helicopter boss (the worst enemy ever in DMC ever).

This! DmC is a generic HnS the most with bad camera angel with 30fps.
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  3. So good action game, and a bad DMC game...

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