I backed down on my decision.

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User Info: MoreFunThanTV

5 years ago#161
lol I don't even care about the old games and that scene still seemed like bad taste imo. Like anyone remember that bad Klonoa redesign Namco proposed for the english Wii remake of the first game?

Now imagine if in a part of that game a wig that looks like Klonoa's old ears had fallen on his head and Klonoa made a remark putting down that look. It's not the worse thing in the world and yeah people who liked the new design might get a laugh out of it but I don't really see how making one side laugh at the expense of another side which also has potential customers in it is good business practice.

I suppose it's good practice if you look at it from a stupid "lol lets make the butthurt haterz mad" perspective but I'm sorry I though NT was here to sell a game to as many potential customers as possible didn't know picking at potential customers like a kid on a playground was the key to success nowadays lol.

User Info: Aqxz1

5 years ago#162
Lol that was funny.

Also quite funny that despite being an anti, TC posted a really positive video, not only the semi-review video praises the game but also says some good stuff, but not in a blind fanboy way, it actually says that the "emo looking way" of the new Dante it´s not that bad and that in the end you get used to it.

User Info: Zio_Dyne

5 years ago#163
Whatever really...
It's not exactly surprising or that big a deal to me,
but what I don't get is why they're so eager to rip the original at every turn. It just seems so misguided and insecure.
If they were to show even the slightest reverence for their predecessors; the series that defined a genre, and the very one that they've taken upon themselves,
maybe it's fans would have eased up to some extent, but instead, they opt to spit on it's corpse, ensuring that this reboot will be judged as harshly as humanly possible by all of those former fans. The outrage doesn't go away because they keep feeding it. They're needlessly making a bad situation worse with stuff like this. Can only wonder if that hubris will be their undoing, or if enough people will buy into Tameem's delusions of grandeur for him to truly dethrone the devil.

User Info: Devil_wings00

5 years ago#164
I can see why people don't like the new story direction (looks like it's lost all of it's goofy charm and absurdity that the older games had besides 2) but as far as gameplay, it looks like it more or less plays the same as I remember. The sword swings look the same as well as the jumping etc.

For a board that always champions "GAMEPLAY ABOVE ALL ELSE" you sure flip your lid when something changes not gameplay related. Then again maybe the game does play completely different, I haven't tried it yet, but it looks like it plays the same from what I've seen.
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User Info: Stink_Nasty

5 years ago#165
People are so sensitive, kind of reminds of the MGS3 Raiden scene. Dante says he doesn't like white hair but he ends up with white hair, it's the irony in it. Plus, it also is making light of a situation that was overblown which is fine. I don't see how this scene ruins anything.

The "My succubus is dead" scene is freaking terrible and pretty much ruins the game.
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User Info: Pesmerga255

5 years ago#166

The "My succubus is dead" scene is freaking terrible and pretty much ruins the game.

I couldn't agree more. It doesn't even have narm charm, it's just flat-out terrible.

User Info: Kira0987

5 years ago#167
SilentS89 posted...
testament067 posted...
Kyrylo posted...
testament067 posted...

if that wasn't you then sorry for lumping you in that category...I guess there were other "Antis" who didn't have a problem with it

I stand by what I said about "true/real fans" though. We paid the same money you or anyone else did...

Maybe, but see: I paid money for Enslaved. And I'm still not fan of it. I still consider this "joke" notnecessary. And it was damn whore wig. So, yeah it kinda to much.

well of course it wasn't necessary lol...can't argue there....I just don't think it's anything to be upset about

NT themselves keep saying our only problem is the hair, so clearly they believe we feel strongly about it. So why go out of their way to mock us?

This was a deliberate action, they had to model, rig, texture, storyboard, program, animate, and record dialogue in order to do this. Why did they go through so much effort just to make a joke at the oldschool fans expense?

Because they don't respect the old games or the oldschool fanbase, at all.

This. I don't like being insulted, and I don't like someone insulting something I like. There is no need for this. This "joke" is like the kind where you call someone stupid and then say you're just joking. Obviously there is malice behind it, and you shouldn't be calling anyone stupid in the first place, "jokingly" or not.

Basically, don't reboot an iconic figure/franchise and claim your reboot is better then the old and then proceed to insult the old.
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User Info: Ether101

5 years ago#168
Hershawitz posted...
"Mean?" No, that implies that this scene is directly affecting you. It implies that Ninja Theory is out to get you. None of these things are happening, or, at least, *should* be happening, as it seems the former is.

This is not the case of a company being some sort of big evil bully. This is the case of a few angry dorks that need a sense of humor.

No, this is the case of a group of people with a superiority complex attacking others because they think it makes them look good.

The fact that Ninja Theory has stated that their going out of their way to mock people that complain about this game. The thing is that they genuinely believe that their little riffs are intelligent and clever which just adds to the annoyance however small it may be.
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User Info: Infectedglore2

5 years ago#169
Why is Taylor Lautner the main character?

User Info: MrStarkiller

5 years ago#170
Sworder is quite right.
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