Gameinformer Scores DmC a 9/10

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User Info: Pesmerga255

5 years ago#171
DmC will be the best game ever!

User Info: YoungGganon

5 years ago#172
testament067 posted...
goodlyoak posted...
ReceiverxWisdom posted...
All the good reviews in the world wouldn't differ my mind on not buying this. Brutally honest.
I can't wait til the reviewers who are actually CYNICAL about good games get their hands on it.

And what if those reviewers give it a good score too? Let me guess they were paid off right?

lol I know right??

I guess the reviews only matter if it favors your argument for/against the game....which is dumb.

I tend to dismiss GI reviews but it does seem like antis are rather harsh on this one in particular. I've never really agreed with GI on reviews, but the people complaining of them being being paid off are most likely disgruntled fans.
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User Info: antoinejones

5 years ago#173
tyilly posted...
Just got my game informer digital , it says all boss fights except the final one suck

umm how do you say "all boss fights but the last oine sucks.. yet give a game a 9/10?) that sounds more like a 8/10
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User Info: Damien94

5 years ago#174
airfoemoe posted...
Game Informer is owned by Gamestop, you can always bet on them accepting bribes and wanting to move inventory. So I don't consider them reliable. I am optimistic for this game though.

Capcom didn't have to give them any money to misleadingly give a high score (even when the reviewer admits there's a lot of flaws). It's a major title, so Gamestop has to carry it. And since they're the ones buying the games from the warehouse, they need to SELL them. So they artificially hype EVERY game they carry.

The only games that don't get inflated reviews from GI and Gamestop in general are ones they either don't carry or only carry a few of (niche titles).
Contrary to popular belief, opinions can be, and often are, wrong.

User Info: tyilly

5 years ago#175
Rose_of_May posted...
OP? What other reviews did GI cover in this issue? Mind sharing?

Guardians of Middle Earth 7.5
Ni No Kuni 7
Skyrim Dragonborn 8.5
Skulls of the Shogun 8.5
Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal7.5
Lights Out

User Info: KaijinSurohm

5 years ago#176
Pesmerga255 posted...
DmC will be the best game ever!

It's hilarious and tastefully done.
*"My views and opinions will be dramatically different from yours. Deal or go away"*

User Info: QCTeamkill

5 years ago#177
Madigari posted...
pencoin posted...
That's not really guts. He gives whatever kind of score will give the most page hits which of course rather from game to game. For instance he gave Vanquish a 5/10 and MW3 a 9.5/10. It stirs up a bit of controversy which get him views and page-hits on the site he writes for which gets him money at the end of the day.

DmC is a bit of special one though because as I wrote guy's a raging Ninja Theory fanboy so it's expected he'll rank it highly, probably even higher than Bayonetta which he gave an 8.

And here's "It's all about the benjamins." I feel like game review testaments would be as follows:

I. When reviewer disagrees with gamer, the gamer is always right, even when the gamer's opinion is not a universal one among other gamers. No exceptions for this rule exist; see testament II.

II. If the gamer meets another gamer who's opinion differs from his, up to and including reviewers, all of them are on the offending game company's payroll or in it for the money. The idea that other people have differing opinions and criteria for what makes a good game is next to impossible to fathom. Infinite advertising dollars, on the other hand, makes sense because video game companies are economic superpowers.

III. Any reviewer found to be agreeing with the gamer is the pinnacle of greatness. If another gamer should find fault with that reviewer, the gamer is welcome to throw epithets of "butthurt" and "cry moar" to the offending gamer.

IV. Always take it personally. This stuff really matters. Always.

V. Any excuse for disparaging another's opinions is acceptable, up to and including xenophobia; see Kyrylo.

And, just to clarify, both sides of any debate over a game/review are generally guilty of following these. Don't go thinking I'm picking on one side over another; the acts in general just irritate me, no matter who they come from.

That post was awesome, did you make that? Can I steal it (You know I will)?

User Info: LDK_Vergil

5 years ago#178
Honestly, a review is just one man's (or woman's) opinion, and should be taken as such. Professional reviewers obviously play a lot more games, so it should stand to reason their views should carry some insight, but at the end of the day, people are going to like what they like.

Personally, I know Joe Juba is fairly credible in good technical-action games, although I don't know that he ever quite *loved* DMC 1 and 3 the same way the rest of us did. I definitely think it's odd he would openly claim most of the bosses suck, though, and still give the game a 9. Still, his opinion should hold some weight; just don't view his (or anyone else's) review as a be-all, end-all score of the game.

User Info: chaos_sage0265

5 years ago#179
Madigari posted...
pencoin posted...
I can't wait for Jimbo Sterling's review, that guy's such a shill it's unreal. I believe he already stated the game had better gameplay than the originals based of the demos. Massive NT Fanboy.

RE6: "Jim Sterling has the guts to say it how it is! 3/10, LOL"

DmC possible positive review: "OMG, what a shill! Can you believe what a hack he is?!!?!"

There are certain games you should know to not take Sterling's opinions seriously on. The Dynasty Warriors games, for instance, are some of his favorite games and many get absurdly high scores. This is another similar situation. He is a massive Ninja Theory fanboy. He even wrote a scathing article discussing how the gaming community at large was essentially wrong for not buying hundreds of thousands of copies of Enslaved, despite it being a very mediocre title.

His mind was already made up on DmC the second he found out who was developing it. Add to this, his incessant need to stir up controversy, and the notable backlash with this title, and his plan was pretty much laid out for him.

And Resident Evil 6 is an objectively awkward product. Deal with it.
"We will be remembered for this. White Wall."

User Info: Video_Game_Czar

5 years ago#180
tyilly posted...
Rose_of_May posted...
OP? What other reviews did GI cover in this issue? Mind sharing?

Guardians of Middle Earth 7.5
Ni No Kuni 7
Skyrim Dragonborn 8.5
Skulls of the Shogun 8.5
Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal7.5

Gotta love GI.
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