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User Info: NostalgiaRules

4 years ago#41
m100t1s posted...
Is the Donte and Dante leaked ending crap is true?

If not. Don't spoil the real ending, Just answer the question.

I want to say no, but I actually can't. You'll have to play the game and the DLC as well to get the full story. But to answer your question, so far, no.
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User Info: KaijinSurohm

4 years ago#42
eco master posted...
From: KaijinSurohm | Posted: 1/11/2013 12:28:55 PM | #039
Also, Reboot is taking a character(s) from the original source, and putting them in a different situation.

But I thought it was established that this Dante is not the same Dante as before, as with the rest (maybe not Mundus, I guess)?

If not, then the frustration makes sense. I was under the impression that they were explicitly not the same characters, whether through time or location.

Regardless, I think it would have been a much more sensible move to name the reboot something like (someone's going to post the picture, I just know it) Neo DMC or something - give it a distinct "This is not the main series" title. I'm certain people would still be upset they didn't get a DMC5 and got this instead, but at least it would go a little further in separating the characters and events from the ones in the past.

Though, let's not stick with Neo DMC. That reminds me too much of Neo Contra, and I personally did not enjoy that game very much.

I understand where you're coming from. Here's the problem, Capcom keeps saying "This game is a reboot", but in every issue, every interview, they slam it home that this is the Dante we knew, before we knew him as Dante
(It's toward the end of the article)

If they were suppose to be different characters entirely, it no longer becomes "A reboot", but a new IP. Also, if they were indeed completely different people, they could still use the name, and get away with it, and do whatever the hell they want, purely on the fact that this is, indeed, different characters.

Unfortunently, it's actuall Dante and Virgil, in a horrible reboot.

Also, that article makes it sound like Itsuno tried to sabatage the hell out of DmC due to the fact Capcom insulted them by saying their stuff wasn't good enough, and forced them to review everything. (Nothing like training your replacement.)
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