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User Info: Hades192

5 years ago#31
Pesmerga255 posted...
I'm a long time DMC fan, but I hated Ninja Theory's other games. I also have no interest in the plot because I don't like shallow social commentary.

The combat in the demo was clunky, but I've heard the game is critically acclaimed.

What does this game offer that will grab my attention?

Heavenly Sword still remains in my collection because I personally liked the story; the game play I feel set up the Arkham games, which I think Heavenly Sword outweighs in some respects because of countering 'Heavy' attacks, whereas Arkham games is countering mostly everything with with Triangle.

DmC- I personally hate to ask as a long time fan but you have to try and look at this from an awkward perspective of not comparing DmC to DMC. I personally dont dislike much of the design within the game, the swordplay feels interesting and oddly keeping to the ground seems more fun than keeping in the air; and finding tricks to do so, "Inverse Jump Canceling"* could add depth.

Tam has lost all credibility as did Capcom with how they treated and marketed this game, I'll consider the other people who did put time and effort in as my justification of buying and maybe even yours; although this may be it for Capcom/NT if I'm not satisfied in the end, never again will I consider them, even fighting games; I'll finally be forced to grow up(joke)!

I have not spoiled much.

*Inverse Jump Canel - Jump at the beginning of the inverse rainstorm; or evade. You can Helm breaker pretty much from a standing position, or to flip out of the end of the helm breaker; style and resets quicker(maybe).

User Info: Kira0987

5 years ago#32
Let's see:
-It has shakespear level writing
-The script rivals the best film and literature has to offer
-It's so edgy the disc can literally cut you
-The visceral social commentary will leave you thinking about it for days
-This Dante WON'T get laughed out of any bars
-Vergil has a bigger p33n than Donte.

How could you not buy this?!
Soul of the lost withdrawn from its vessel, let strength be granted so the world might be mended.
PSN - Makohazard

User Info: Video_Game_Czar

5 years ago#33
Convince me to buy this.

You've posted more times then I can count how you aren't buying the game and how awful it is...and seeing that you love to quote the ToU:

Flooding, Invading, Disruptive Behavior: Behavior that disrupts the Service for other users, intentional or not, is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: messages or topic titles that force browsers to scroll horizontally; large blank or content-free messages; "rick rolls" (posting misleading or disruptive links); posting identical or near-identical messages or topics; or nonsensical messages in a single or multiple topics. Flooding a board as a group with topics or messages; instigating, participating in, or retaliating in an invasion of a message board or any other online service; announcing or inciting a "war" or any conflict with the regular members of another board. Posting a link to a third-party site where an invasion is even remotely will be considered an invasion.
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User Info: Pesmerga255

5 years ago#34
What are you trying to say?

You haters are all the same!

User Info: TheSpectre

5 years ago#35
convince me to convince you. you're just some random guy on the internet, why should i care what you do? just to give the topic some context.

User Info: Pesmerga255

5 years ago#36
If you convince me to buy it, Capcom gets more money and there's a higher chance of them making a sequel.

You do want a sequel, right?

Also, That was a pretty huge ToU violation czar.

User Info: MisterYao777

5 years ago#37
Press this button to win the argument on whether or not to buy DmC.
"It mostly comes down to the fact that if you're close enough to touch Batman's cape, you're already unconscious. " - buddhamonster

User Info: primusnine

5 years ago#38

Because it will be a bitter, terrible experience for you, and a waste of your money.

Save it for Ni No Kuni.

User Info: muji25

5 years ago#39
This is some pretty convincing stuff right here.

User Info: MisterYao777

5 years ago#40
Save it for Ni No Kuni indeed.

Frankly, I think I'd enjoy DmC. But I have a mortgage to pay and mouths to feed and refuse to drop $120 on two videogames in two weeks. I'll wait for DmC to drop in price and get it later when the hatred for it has died down.

I know I'll enjoy Ni No Kuni. Level 5 deserves my money first.
"It mostly comes down to the fact that if you're close enough to touch Batman's cape, you're already unconscious. " - buddhamonster
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