So, name your top 5 hack and slashes

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User Info: donutmanstorm

4 years ago#41
Ninja Gaiden
Ninja Gaiden 2
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User Info: Sanjima_Ryuku

4 years ago#42
1. Warriors Orochi 3
2. Dynasty Warriors 7
3. Samurai Warriors 2
4. Dynasty Warriors 5
5. Devil May Cry 3
Yeah, I'm a KOEI fanboy. Sue me!

User Info: TheBatman91

4 years ago#43
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

Those are the only two I like the others like God of war and Bayonetta are terrible games but NGS2 is miles better than DMC3 IMO.
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User Info: LordSensei_

4 years ago#44
antking61 posted...
Devil May Cry 4
Dynasty Warriors 5
Chaos Legion
Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams
Otogi: Myth of Demons
Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

Yeah, I posted more than 5, sue me.

I can't stand God of War or any of it's clones...

Dynasty Warriors 5 was the best hands down!

I don't have a certain order

Dynasty Warriors 5
DMC 3/4
Fist of the North Star ken's rage
Devil Kings
Samurai Warriors 2
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User Info: sworder

4 years ago#45
Bayonetta (GOAT)
Ninja Gaiden 2
God of War 3
Metal Gear Rising

User Info: stickdude0

4 years ago#46
Devil May Cry 4
Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires
Chaos Legion
Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams
Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
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User Info: hyjinx17

4 years ago#47
2.DMC 3
3.DMC 4
4.God of War 2
5.Ninja Gaiden Black
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User Info: antking61

4 years ago#48
LordSensei_ posted...
Dynasty Warriors 5 was the best hands down!

Indeed. 8's looking pretty awesome. Hope it doesn't disappoint! They're eliminating all clone styles.
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User Info: pronouncemyname

4 years ago#49
I love hack n slash games.

1. Dynasty Warriors 3
2. Dynasty Warriors 5
3. Dynasty Warriors 7
4. Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires (cause vanilla sucked)
5. Dynasty Warriors 4

Uh... I swear I've played other hack n slash games.

User Info: Hisahide

4 years ago#50
I have to say, you've all impressed me sincerely.
I didn't expect to see the likes of chaos legion, onimusha, ninja blade, and mostly, otogi. As such, I'm going to redefine my list

1. Ninja gaiden 3: razors edge and ninja gaiden black
2. Bayonetta and the otogi series
3. Dmc 3 and ninja blade
4. Sengoku basara 3 and warriors Orochi 3
5. Castlevania: lords of shadow

So many grand games, no?
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