You guys realize that if Kamiya was given this game, he'd revert Dante back to

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  3. You guys realize that if Kamiya was given this game, he'd revert Dante back to

User Info: eco master

eco master
4 years ago#41
From: -BrokenSpiral- | Posted: 1/15/2013 12:28:30 AM | #002
I'm okay with it because DMC1 Dante is best Dante
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User Info: Dicer7

4 years ago#42
I don't care what Dante is, if Kamiya is making it I'm gonna have a fun time playing it.

User Info: Xtreme65

4 years ago#43
Each Dante has been pretty different.

DMC1 Dante was more down to business, He was confident and wasn't afraid to taunt his enemies to throw them into a frenzy.

DMC2 Dante was mute and pretended he didn't care about anything, his double headed coin proved that he does care.

DMC3 Dante was just a kid who was crazy with power.

DMC4 Dante didn't take much seriously cause he is overpowered. Not as crazy as DMC3 Dante though.

DmC Dante is a more foul mouthed version of DMC3 to be quite honest. Goes from a young kid who knows he is strong and just doesn't give a damn about anything, but he learns what is really important.

Honestly I like them all, but DMC4 Dante takes the cake. I love how so unafraid he was in the face of what most people would **** their pants at.

"Check it out, its got wings!" That line made me laugh so hard because he had the exact opposite reaction I had, which was "HOLY **** THAT THINGS HUGE!!!!"
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User Info: Capitan_Kid

4 years ago#44
DMC1 dante to DMC4 Dante does not make sense. They're like two different people almost. 4 Dante might as well be 3 Dante with more power.

User Info: produner

4 years ago#45
I think that kamiya's edgy personality and arrogance lead to the decision of removing him as dmc director by capcom. Stupid move, he was unique and had the right mindset.

User Info: synthetiksin

4 years ago#46
-BrokenSpiral- posted...
I'm okay with it because DMC1 Dante is best Dante

User Info: roxas9001

4 years ago#47
I can't see the DMC3-DMC1 shift I can see DMC3-DMC4.
Not changing this until DmCrap flops.
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User Info: Devil_wings00

4 years ago#48
m100t1s posted...
Whenever you guys compare Dino to original Dante, You always use DMC3-4 Dante in the comparison, How could DMC1 Dante is your favorite?

It would be awesome if Kamiya developed the gameplay for the new DMC game, And let Itsuno develop Dante like he did in DMC3 and DMC4. That would be awesome.

Ya the first game barely has a plot or story outside of "go to castle, beat ill defined bad guy and his equally ill defined minions" and it doesn't even do that very well lol Dante was just a generic wise cracking bad ass with a cool look. He didn't really become something more until later games.
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User Info: ZakuLordJoe

4 years ago#49
Works for me.
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User Info: Ether101

4 years ago#50
ManoktheChicken posted...
His DMC1 days, right? Not the cocky uncle-figure we know of from four. Would you be cool with this? Because he doesn't consider the other Dantes his Dante.

I personally find DMC4 to be my favorite Dante. It's like, after defeating Mundus everyone else is just a minor inconvenience to him.

He actually like what DMC3 did to Dante and Vergil so I think would keep that in. He also like the changes that the first novel had and that's basically what Dante in 3, 4 and the anime is based on.
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