VG 24/7 - Devil May Cry fans are a crying shame

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User Info: vgman94

4 years ago#181
AhrimanTheStill posted...
The article itself is poorly written. It also still thinks the majority of true fans are made about the hair color of the character. Not at all. We are mad at the dumbed down gameplay , the poorly written story , and unlikable shells of characters for anyone with taste. Good god Dontes voice acting is awful and the story is horrible. The one liners are also not even funny or cheesy just plain bad attempts to be edge and like a typical bad movie.

Wanna know the difference? The bad movie would get bad scores. Why? Because movie critics dont pull punches are actually well educated people worthy of reviewing. If you read half the reviews of the current gen games its just buzzwords and bias. Most of the time not even reviewing a game on a simple merit or con.

DmC is the perfect example of this. Even the people ripping it apart for its story can't see why its gameplay is dumbed down a shell of older DMC games. Ninja Theorys twitter post of thanking a 9/10 review before it was even out made me vomit in my mouth alittle.

Dumbed down? A more simplified approach isn't always bad, mate. Look at Prototype 2 in comparison to P1. It simplifed some actions and abilities to make other abilities more versatile. That's not bad. As for speed, that's a matter of taste, but I'd rather enjoy a game that allows me to dodge or counter without being frustrated that I messed up the last 4-5 counters (*CoughMGRcough*... I do like the game, but the counter is frustrating). Unlikable shells of characters? Lol. And the old Dante was deep, I suppose? Multi-facted character? He comes across more like a mary sue to me. And his lines IMO were just as cheesy as the new Dante, if not moreso. But without the attitude. "Anyon with taste". Your contempt for anyone who likes this is palpable. I suppose attitude is out of stype and we should all have "proper" heroes like in the 50s? I fail to see how a refreshingly unrestrained attitude is so bad. It's not like there's more than a handful of characters with similar personalities around in the modern day, anyway.

User Info: Run_2_the_Hills

4 years ago#182
Chisai73 posted...

In my opinion I doubt that would have solved anything. It certainly added fuel to the fire but it probably wouldn't look good for all game journalists or even most of them to just ignore the whole situation as if it didn't exist. They just should have handled it better by not throwing around insults at one demographic (the people that dislike it) and should maybe more ignored all the hate and focused on the game. Or instead focused on everyone's behavior as a whole. The "antis, the pros" and Capcom and Ninja Theory, mainly Tameem since he's the one who made himself look stupid to most people. As an adult I can't even begin to fathom why he didn't ignore all the stupid comments and instead focused on the real issues people had. I'm an artist (in name only really) and I don't like being critiqued because it's my style and no one knows how I want the picture to look so I rarely agree with anyone, even the people who like it. But instead of saying "hey go face palm yourself till you bleed", that's really immature at most I just say "okay" or something to that effect. Journalists aren't even supposed to be covering that field in my opinion. Not in bulk like this article where the WHOLE thing is just insults. Well journalists yes but never reviewers. Reviewers should never touch on anything but the game itself. A journalists job kind of is to inform us of what's going on with the game, companies and fans but never to an insulting degree

it's all about getting them page hits.

User Info: Paulf001

4 years ago#183
Despite pretty much how everyone on the internet hates this game people going ot buy it anyway.

User Info: Kaliesto

4 years ago#184
Thanks for the post TC, time to show these people their true colors.
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User Info: Chisai73

4 years ago#185
Run_2_the_Hills posted...
it's all about getting them page hits.

Sensational!!! *que fireworks*

User Info: Megiddo_Flare

4 years ago#186
Chisai73 posted...
Run_2_the_Hills posted...
it's all about getting them page hits.

SSSensational!!! *que fireworks*


User Info: Damien94

4 years ago#187
Wow, that guy's a f****** douchebag.
Contrary to popular belief, opinions can be, and often are, wrong.

User Info: Strelok

4 years ago#188
Gandalf the Istari posted...
Strelok posted...
Gandalf the Istari posted...
If the design wasn't a major issue for a lot of people we wouldn't have multiple threads on multiple boards and youtube channels about the little joke scene with white hair.

This game has given me a huge aversion to this fan base, the behavior has been even worse than FF fans.

Funny: The only people saying that the white hair is a huge issue are either journalists or people in favor of this game.

People against it had other issues like the complete change of character, the insults, the bad gameplay, the lack of DMC feel, the lack of respect for the original franchise, lack of moves, lack of weapons, glitches, hypocrisy, censorship, etc etc etc.

I'd take the time to pull up the multitude of examples of people complaining about exactly what I said, but it would really be a waste of my time and yours because you clearly have an axe to grind.

I'm aware there are legitimate complaints about the game, I don't think I've ever really played something I'd consider "perfect" however, when you have 150 some odd 0-2 metacritic user scores it's pretty obvious that these aren't "rational people" explaining that they have an issue with the 30 fps or lockon or other real objective complaints. They're rabid and angry fans who should be ignored.

Pardon, I didn't see your post there.
I'm not saying there aren't extremes, there are. On both sides. There have been antis who insult others and there have been pros that insult others.
I actually received an *ACTUAL* death threat for daring to say the demo was bad (And yes, I reported the case, but because the threat came apparently from Saudi Arabia I'll just drop it altogether. I don't feel like going across the world to have a bloody hearing for someone who threatens to shoot me over disliking a videogame).

The same goes for the many 9 and 10's, INCLUDING THOSE FROM JOURNALISTS.
The journalists seem to have gone out of their way to piss the fanbase off, seriously, what bloody journalist actually antagonizes a fanbase? It numbs my mind with a stupid overflow.

I've explained dozens of times now that were I to review it, all things considered, the game would receive a 5/10 from me, and I'm deducting a point of that because of DLC announcement before the game was even released. So a 4/10.
Had the game be a completely separate IP with no ties to the franchise and no chance to kill it (as it is now)? I'd maybe even rate it a 6/10 to a 7/10.
Right now I hold it to the DMC standard. It fails to meet criteria.
Even the criteria set by DMC2. At least DMC2 was not offensive.
Goodbye Bubbles, dearest of pets. I'll miss you, always. 2nd June 2004 - 22nd August 2009

User Info: Kaliesto

4 years ago#189
Oh god yes I love this topic, Game Journalist hit it where it hurts, I ****ing love it! OH GOD YES!

Don't let the rage stop because it's so true!
"GameFAQs is a giant MMO text adventure." - Clarifinatious
"I've beat it twice." - TheLichLord

User Info: Windmaster715

4 years ago#190
Man but still this chick needs to shut her mouth. Such a hypocrite. Bashing haters when she goes on to hate on Tomb Raider It is ok to hate only when it concerns the games she likes and her female protagonist

She mad because they are doing the same thing they did with Dante? Really? Ok I can see the complain with Dante because he already grew in character in the old series(not that they focused on story at all and it was quick because the type of game). Lara, no. She has always been the badass dungeon explorer. So starting over and giving her a character that could work out very well is the same issue the ones that like this game are making here but she hates it?

She loves the new DmC, when she probably didn't like or did not play the old ones

but she hates Tomb Raider, a reboot of the series she liked?

that part is just lols. Now she will feel the same as the supah haters when the new Tomb Raider blows the old series out of the water. Because it needed one much more than DMC did. She is making the same arguments other did about DmC, before the game is out. We'll see in March now won't we. Or is she hoping Naruto to get better sales to make her feel better?
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