putting gameplay aside, DmC or bayonetta?

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  3. putting gameplay aside, DmC or bayonetta?

User Info: WingZero0782

4 years ago#31
Bayonetta is better than all of the DMC's/DmC.
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User Info: DevilTriggerSSS

4 years ago#32
Bayo is basically the bizarro version of the first DMC.

The main char is a female. But instead of a half demon she's some uber witch. Instead of fighting demons you fight angels. Instead of swinging a sword around you punch things with your gun feet.

But some how it's just as badass.

Bayo is pretty much the female version of Dante. But not in a carbon-copy kind of way. She has the same personality, the same conflicts, the same power. But she's different.

Bayo's universe and DMC's seems to actually be the same to me. Just painted differently. So much that I wouldn't be surprised if Bayo and Dante (or Sparda/Eva even) ended up meeting face to face, or had met at some point already.

Bayo >>>>>>>> DmC

User Info: Minatokun13

4 years ago#33
For background music...Bayonetta by a VERY slim margin, only because I really like the Fly me to the Moon remix. The soundtrack for DmC is awesome though.

Enemy design, Bayonetta, no question.

Environment, DmC. I like that the level itself attacks you. Occasionally the level changes in Bayonetta too, but it's all just to result in a "press x to not die" sequence, and those suck.

Character design and development--I'm only about halfway through both games, and I'd say...DmC. First, I'm a gay man, and New Dante is HOT. Now, Bayonetta is too, and I don't mind the nudity, but I'm not liking the cat-suit made of hair. For development, see below.

Background story--Again, I'd say DmC. Halfway through Bayonetta, all I know is that she was/is a witch, and so was Jeanne, who keeps attacking me for some reason. Also, Luca is looking for me, but is irrelevant. Halfway through DmC, I know that Dante's a Nephilim, and Mundas is trying to destroy him because nephilim are the only ones that can destroy demon kings. And that he killed Dante's mom and banished his dad.

Cutscene--Tie. Bayonetta would win if every cutscene weren't full of "press x to not die."

So if you went by how many points each game one, I guess DmC, although I like them both equally.

User Info: StriderOW

4 years ago#34
I actually like Bayonetta in almost everything. The story is about even though between both games to me personally.

User Info: user_pt

4 years ago#35
Bayonetta is the obvious answer, I don't even know why you are asking. Everything about that game is remarkably awesome.

User Info: poopninjamvc3mk

4 years ago#36
Tucker_BA posted...
This is a joke, right? Gameplay is the most important part of any game.
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User Info: lunic7

4 years ago#37
poopninjamvc3mk posted...
Tucker_BA posted...
This is a joke, right? Gameplay is the most important part of any game.

User Info: Chargrilled

4 years ago#38
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User Info: SwimmingToaster

4 years ago#39
"Putting gameplay aside"

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User Info: Sony_7

4 years ago#40
Gameplay was all Bayo had and even that was iffy. The game wasn't difficult, it was cheap. They throw in these BS quick time events that can instead kill you to compensate for lack of creative design. I'd rather have straight up bad bosses like in DmC than have lame tricks from Bayo.

Both games have crap soundtracks so I'll pass on that. Bayo had no story worth the effort of following and just tried way too hard to be quirky. Characters in Bayonetta were nonentities and Bayo herself was just dumb to me on so many levels. A naked witch who fights using the hair that grows out of her body? Ya no thanks that **** is gross.
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