putting gameplay aside, DmC or bayonetta?

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  3. putting gameplay aside, DmC or bayonetta?

User Info: OrangeSchweese

5 years ago#51
The_Undying_84 posted...
Putting game play aside, both are absolutely awful games catered to people with the mentality of an 11 year old boy.

I love when people say ironic things like this. You went out of your way to bash people while labeling them as immature.

User Info: Newave

5 years ago#52
Bayonetta owns DmC in all areas, gameplay or other, and by far at that.

It's like putting Big Rigs up against 18 Wheeler or Superman 64 up against Batman Arkham City.

DmC simply can't match Bayonetta because it's not trying to match it, it's competing for worst game ever made, not being a good hack n slash.
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User Info: antking61

5 years ago#53
BackGround music in game
I dunno. Bayonetta's music was better but DmC has custom music. I'll give it to Bayonetta based on default music.

enemy design & boss design (both gameplay & aesthetic)


character design & character development
I'm half and half. Bayonetta has a decent DESIGN but I can't stand characters in either game aside from DmC Vergil as a whole and Bayonetta 1/2 the time. It's split.

background story
Eww...Both kinda suck.

See above answer.

It's kinda tough to say as a whole without gameplay. Both games are pretty horrible gameplay aside but I guess I'd give it as a whole to Bayonetta because in some cutscenes I liked her, like when she was dealing with the little girl. She reminded me of a character of mine then.
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User Info: HopesPeak

5 years ago#54
Putting aside gameplay? Lol wut? If I'm not playing the game for the gameplay then why am I wasting my time playing something that doesn't fulfill its purpose?

In any case, Bayonetta easily. The Bayo angel designs are far more surreal than the supposed "surreal dreamscape where anything can happen. "
Um yeah, anything can happen! Such as... Oh wait DmC actually lacks the customization of DMC3 but that's okay, that's an improvement.
It's surreal because you actually have to dream up of a better game while playing this one.

I swear, they need to start firing game journalists for relying on such exaggerated hyperbole as their main talking points.
Ecco the Dolphin was surreal. Killer7 was surreal. DmC's surreality was merely a stylization aesthetic that changed nothing but the background, lol. DmC is going for edgy or some lame remake of an equally lame Christopher Nolan film.

DmC simply can't match Bayonetta because it's not trying to match it, it's competing for worst game ever made, not being a good hack n slash

I wouldn't go that far. DmC is nowhere near the worst game ever. It's just nowhere near the best either. It's a pretender trying to reign on a throne that's already dominated by the kings & queen of the genre.

Now that Metal Gear Rising, hmm mmm. Now that's a contender for Ryu Hayabusa's throne at least.

User Info: SparNar607

5 years ago#55
I take it that no one here plays visual novels, Asura's Wrath, or The Walking Dead?
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User Info: Basildon

5 years ago#56
tehhead posted...
which 1 do you prefer by this criteria?

BackGround music in game
enemy design & boss design (both gameplay & aesthetic)
character design & character development
background story

i pick bayonetta

Background music - DMC
Enemy + Boss Design - Bayonetta BY FAR
Environment - Bayonetta, Paradiso: Garden of Light (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VjucHUmAUY)
Character Design + Dev: DMC. I like Bayonetta's character though.
Background Story: Both awful.
Cutscenes: Bayonetta.

Overall Bayonetta wins. For those of you that liked DMC1 but hated this one, definitely try out Bayo. Combat mechanics are much more fluid, environments and enemy designs are more rich.

User Info: tehhead

5 years ago#57
shadowsofdawn posted...
Excluding gameplay is like picking the better album by 2 different artist excluding how the music sounds.

which what am i questioning

i mean, you americans made game that seem to cater american taste, and japanese made what seem to fit atmosphere, and somehow they set it in western taste, and turns out? japanese creation met what most american gamers prefer, since the american made to cater american gamers is too simple/not as beautiful

User Info: Run_2_the_Hills

5 years ago#58
music-bayo. dont like that type of music in DmC.
character design-bayo
background story-DmC
cutscene-bayo. only cause you can skip it.
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